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Evil Unmasked #1

In his efforts to save the life of King Louis, Quasimodo must hurry to reveal the identity of an assassin hidden amongst the costumed guests at the Palace Masquerade Ball.

The tale begins on the sixteenth birthday of the Cathedral's, young, hunch-backed bell ringer, Quasimodo. He has spent the bulk of his life within the walls of Notre Dame. From an upstairs window he watches Esmeralda, a beautiful gypsy girl dancing in the streets. She smiles and tosses him a rose. Then, in a scuffle with a corrupt police sergeant, Esmeralda and her poetry-spouting brother, Francois, are in the process of being hauled away to jail. Quasimodo heroically swings into the scene and the gypsies are able to escape. Quasimodo, however, is taken off to jail where he overhears of a plan to assassinate the King.

Upon Esrneralda's insistence, she and the reluctant Francois, (along with their clever goat, Djali), rescue Quasimodo from jail and hide near a bridge to witness Note Dame's Head Caretaker, Claude Frollo, pay a convict to assassinate King Louis XI at this evening's masquerade ball. Unforeseen events cause Frollo to do the job himself and after procuring the appropriate disguise and bribing a Palace guard, he makes it to the ball. Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois enlist the help of Quasimodo's surrogate father, mentor and friend, Dennis and rush to save His Highness before Frollo can carry out his evil plan.

Frollo's Revenge #2

Determined to even the score with Quasimodo, Frollo lures the hunchback down into his dangerous underground sewer hideout.

The morning after Quasimodo has heroically thwarted Frollo's assassination attempt to kill King Louis XI. Esmeralda and Francois announce they are leaving on a gypsy caravan. Saddened by the news of his new friends' departure, Quasimodo nevertheless promises the meet them in the courtyard at 11:30 A.M. to bid them farewell.

From within his new sewer home, Frollo spies Dennis giving Quasimodo the de Bernassac medallion that was wrapped in his blanket when he was left as a baby on the steps of Notre Dame. Realizing the great importance of the medallion to Quasimodo, Frollo enlists the help of his loyal dog, Azaroth to steal the piece and lure Quasimodo into the sewers so Frollo can exact his revenge on the meddlesome young boy.

When Quasimodo fails to keep his 11:30 appointment, Esmeralda is convinced something awful has happened and she drags Francois along to help her find their missing friend. Meanwhile, in Frollo's smelly, dark, sink-hole-ridden grotto, Quasimodo single-handedly battles spear-wielding "Rat Knights" and lethal flying Gargoyles. In the climactic finale, Frollo dangles over a deadly, swirling whirlpool held in the grasp of none other than Quasimodo, who is forced to decide what is more important: getting rid of Frollo or retrieving the de Bernassac medallion.

In the epilogue, Angelica, Francois and Esmeralda miss the last gypsy caravan and Dennis offers them a cottage to live in and he appoints Angelica "Cleaning Crew Supervisor" of the Cathedral.

The Carnival Of Fools #3

A clever and comic fool by the name of "The Jester", helps Frollo steal the King's crown.

Selected as judges for the annual 'Carnival Of Fools', Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois must choose the best entertainer at the carnival. The winner will be granted a special performance for the King himself. When "The Jester" takes the stage, he shines above all the rest, going so far as to make Quasimodo's judging cap vanish into thin air. The Jester is unanimously declared the winner. Esmeralda, acting on the basis of her sixth sense, discovers The Jester's plan to steal the King's crown. However, The Jester ties her up and hides her in his magic trunk until he can carry out his nefarious plan and make his escape. The performance for the King goes well until The Jester makes the King's crown disappear as he'd done before with Quasimodo's cap. The only difference is that this time, he doesn't make it reappear. Outside the castle, Frollo waits to accept the crown he'd paid the Jester to steal. When The Jester refuses, Frollo's magical gargoyles grab him in their giant claws and fly him off to Frollo's lair. Quasimodo hops roof to roof in the direction of the fleeing gargoyles with Francois following close behind. While scouring the city, Quasimodo ventures underground where he and Francois are caught by Frollo's gargoyles and forced to perform for "King" Frollo's amusement. When they refuse, Frollo turns Francois into a cat. Quasimodo cleverly escapes with the crown and returns it to the King, leaving The Jester and Frollo in the sewers to fight with one another. With the help of Dennis and his magic book of spells, Francois the cat is turned into an elephant, a crocodile, an anteater, a duck, a lion and finally back into---a Francois.

The Star Master #4

The Oracle, a crafty thief for hire, offers to take Frollo to the site of a dangerously powerful, fallen star.

While enjoying a lovely summer afternoon picnic, Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois are suddenly besieged by an onslaught of odd occurrences: a donkey sitting in a tree, geese flying backwards and Summer instantly turning to Fall. The trio races back to Notre Dame to consult with Dennis, who offers forth a large journal which tells of a fallen star which crashed to the Earth tens of thousands of years ago. A loud explosion and a booming thud reveal that a new star has in fact landed. By Dennis' calculations, Quasimodo and his friends have only 24 hours to obliterate the star before it begins destroying the Earth.

A short while later The Oracle, an evil racketeer, meets with Frollo in his underground lair and shows him a fragment of the magical star. Frollo agrees to form a partnership with The Oracle and the two head off towards the Chevreuse Valley. Taking a short-cut through The Village Of The Thugs, Frollo and The Oracle hire a motley group of malcontents to serve in the recently formed "Imperial Army," serving under "The Star Master" (Frollo) and his top advisor (The Oracle).

As Quasimodo, Francois and Esmeralda pass through the Village of The Thugs they are quickly captured and locked in a barn. But, the trio soon escapes on horseback.

Arriving at the impact site, where a volcano has just broken through the surface, they are ambushed and tied up as Frollo and The Oracle secure ropes around the star so it can be lifted off by his Gargoyles. After freeing himself with a sharp piece of stone, Quasimodo dodges thugs and cuts the ropes holding the star just as it's being lifted into the air. A strange purple gas begins to shoot from fissures in the star and upon hitting one of the henchmen, it shrinks him to pocket size. The thugs and the gargoyles flee in fear and Frollo, outmatched, is forced to fly away empty-handed. With scarcely minutes left, Dennis and Angelica arrive with a strong wagon and logs and using these tools, the group successfully manages to dump the star into the bubbling volcano and save the world from impending disaster.

A Trip To Italy #5

After finding an ominous note tied to the leg of a wounded carrier pigeon depicting a war machine with the caption "...complete world domination", Quasimodo and friends head off in search of the mystery sender.

Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois save a wounded carrier pigeon with a half-torn message that reads: "...complete world domination." and shows a picture of a strange "tank-like" war machine. The King suggests that the threesome track down the sender of the strange phrase. Realizing that the vine which held the message to the bird's leg only grows near the town of Vinci in the Italian mountains, Dennis prepares a map for the three young heroes.

Frollo, snooping at a Palace balcony on the back of his gargoyle, Dragon, overhears the plan and vows the machine will be his. He enlists the help of a young, beautiful witch named Camille Leon. Frollo and Camille follow the horse-riding travelers across the land, fighting harsh snow storms, an avalanche and a pack of deadly wolves.

When Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois finally arrive in Vinci, they locate a woman who says the carrier pigeon belongs to her grandson, Leo, who turns out to be none other than a ten-year old Leonardo Da Vinci. In his "laboratory" they discover all sorts of inventions including "the war machine" referred to in the letter. Leo informs Quasimodo that "the war machine" wasn't created for evil purposes. He sent the note to his cousin saying that if it ever fell into the wrong hands, the person could attain ""complete world domination." Frollo and Camille show up and a wild show-down ensues with Frollo stealing the prototype war machine and accidentally destroying it, in a madcap test drive gone awry. In the end, Leo decides he'll never build another weapon of destruction and he and Quasimodo become friends, in part because they both know what it means to have people treat them poorly simply because they're different.

The Invisible Thieves #6

Angelica is falsely accused of stealing the Duke's crown and will be exiled forever unless Quasimodo can catch the real culprit.

Quasimodo has been named the guest of honor for the annual gypsy gathering and invited to join Angelica, Esmeralda and Francois in Avignon. Upon their arrival, Angelica loses her special pendant which is returned to her by the local policeman, Constable Vernier. Later, a mysterious man with a black hat and cape "accidentally" bumps into her and steals the piece of jewelry. Subsequently, the Duke of Bervallois is robbed.

The next morning the constable arrests Angelica. He produces her pendant which was found in the Duke's private vault. "Unless the jewels are returned within 48 hours," he says, " it is the Duke's order that you will immediately be sent into exile and imprisoned for life." Quasimodo heads to the Palace where he finds that The Duke is convinced that Angelica's pendant is absolute proof of her guilt. The hunchback secretly scales a high wall and works his way to the roof where he finds a small piece of torn fabric stuck in between two chimney bricks. He loses his footing and is apprehended by the guards. The outraged Duke now demands that Angelica's exile take place at the stroke of midnight.

In a courtyard back in Avignon, Quasimodo notices a crowd gathered around a puppet theater. The show involves three string puppets. The puppet's armor is decorated with sparkling red and white stones. Quasimodo believes the jewels to be authentic diamonds and rubies from the stolen crown, and the torn fabric recovered from the Palace chimney resembles that of a small puppet glove. Francois fights off his fear of puppets and searches the puppeteer's trailer, but can't escape before the string-puller returns and captures him. Quasimodo chases the puppeteer's wagon on its way out of town. Riding his horse close enough, he leaps into the back of the wagon and is surprised to find Francois being held prisoner by three LIVE puppets, minus their strings. Quasimodo is able to release Francois and after recovering the jewels, the two jump to safety just as the wagon plummets off a cliff into the river below. A search of the riverbank the next day reveals the escaping footprints of the evil puppeteer and his three Lilliputian thieves. The jewels are returned to the Duke and Quasimodo demands that he apologize to Angelica and that her good name be fully cleared. He grudgingly obliges.

The Court Of Miracles #7

The King's top secret, "Book of Royal Security" has mysteriously vanished and Quasimodo must find it before Frollo does.

Preparations are underway for a grand art festival and Francois is wandering the Paris streets spouting awful poetry when he runs across three young thieves led by the crafty, smooth-talking, Armand. Convinced that he has finally met three people who recognize his creative "genius," Francois invites his new found "friends" on a tour of Notre Dame. While Armand pretends to be interested in the history of the Cathedral, his shifty cohorts steal gold and silver valuables and also inadvertently steal Dennis' copy of the King's "Book of Royal Security". Francois is completely unaware of the robbery.

Later at the Court Of Miracles (a courtyard training ground for young thieves), Armand realizes the mistake and without understanding the significance of the book, he passes it on to Francois as a gift. From behind a sewer grating Frollo sees Francois returning home and recognizes the book he carries as the very one that was always under lock and key at the Cathedral. With this book, he will be able to easily penetrate the lines of Royal Security and do away with the King.

When Francois sees the book he holds is labeled "TOP SECRET" he realizes he's been tricked by the trio from the Court Of Miracles. It becomes a race to see who will find Francois first: Frollo, the King's Guard or Esmeralda and Quasimodo.

The Witches' Eve #8

Quasimodo learns the whereabouts of his parents and hurries to find them before Frollo can.

It's Witches' Eve, the first full moon of the autumnal equinox, when people dressed up as demons and dragons, magicians and mystical beasts go on parade. At one of the food stalls, Quasimodo saves a waitress who is being bullied by her boss. Upon seeing Quasimodo, the woman cries out, "Jacques de Bernassac! I have prayed so hard to find you!" Thus, Quasimodo is reunited with Marie, the maid who saved him from the flames of his family's burning home and left him on the steps of Notre Dame.

She tells Quasimodo that his parents believed him to be dead when they fled their home sixteen years ago. She also adds that she is almost certain that she saw his mother and father recently, traveling with a group of poor peasants.

Frollo gets wind of this information, and it soon becomes a dangerous race against time as Quasimodo rushes to find his parents before Frollo does.

As it turns out, both Quasimodo and Frollo miss actually coming face to face with the people Marie believes to be Quasimodo's parents. But as Quasimodo watches their boat sail away he vows to continue his search and find a way to be reunited with the parents he has never had a chance to know.

Trapped #9

Quasimodo joins the hunt for stolen gold in his fight to save a needy orphanage.

While Esmeralda and Francois entertain young children at the Haven Home Orphanage, Simon Larousse (the owner of the land the orphanage sits on) pays an unexpected visit to announce that since Marguerite, the head of the orphanage, is three months behind in her rent, he is going to close the orphanage down. Quasimodo intercedes and says that Dennis is on his way with a chest full of gold which will keep the orphanage open for years. Mr. Larousse agrees to give Marguerite 24 hours to pay the debt.

Dennis' coach arrives. But before they can open the strongbox, "The Fox", a notorious highwayman gallops in, scoops up the chest and races off. Quasimodo commandeers the coach and gives chase with Dennis, Esmeralda and Francois in the compartment below. Quasimodo eventually pulls alongside the Fox's horse. He knocks the chest to the ground. However, when the box is opened, it is empty! Dennis says he loaded the gold himself and the only place he stopped was Half Moon Bay, a rugged island just off the coast.

Bad weather and huge waves destroy the rickety bridge just as the young heroes cross and set foot on the island. Now they must not only find the gold, but they must also find a way to get off the island in time to save the orphanage.

At the local Inn, run by an evil man named Rasparin, they find The Fox already hunting for the gold. A dangerous search ensues as trapdoors send Francois and Esmeralda to the bottom of a long, twisting chute in a gloomy cellar which is beginning to fill up with ocean water as the tide rises. When The Fox meets with the same fate as Esmeralda and Francois, Quasimodo realizes---the Inn is one big, deadly booby-trap. But, with the help of some young orphans at the Inn, he's able to save the day.

Dragon Rock #10

From his secret, cave hide-out at a place called Dragon Rock, Frollo positions his "mountain-smasher" to destroy a town in order to build himself a fortress.

On their way to a small village---some distance from Paris and located in the rugged foothills at the base of a great mountain---Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Francois survive an exciting and humorous attack by several outrageous bandits. However, upon their arrival at the village, they're met with disdain, arrogance and suspicion. The previously dirt-poor villagers now have a patron, a "kindly stranger" who has made his headquarters inside a cave near the mountain's peak, beneath the huge rock carved by mother nature herself to resemble a Dragon's head.

Curious about what's going on, our friends take it upon themselves to climb to the very top of the mountain; and risking their lives, manage to sneak into the cave to discover that the stranger is none other than---Frollo! His goal is to flatten the top of the mountain, and use this strategic piece of real estate to build a massive, extravagant fortress. This will allow him to launch an attack that will bring the country to its knees; the first step in his ultimate goal to conquer the world! Quasimodo points out to Frollo that the debris from the demolition of the mountain will destroy the homes of those living in its shadow as well as the villagers themselves. Frollo couldn't care less. Fighting against impossible odds, Quasimodo nonetheless manages to find a way to cause Frollo's mountain-smasher to backfire, and flood the tunnels in Paris where Frollo now lives, forcing him to scurry for new shelter along with the other underground rats.

The Clay Army #11

Frollo enlists the help of an imprisoned sculptor to create an army of miniature gargoyles with which to steal the King's gold.

Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois' friend Roger is entering his hospital design in a ceremony called "The March Of Progress". The event is sponsored by the King and the winners will have their concepts funded and built. Roger knows that a hospital would greatly benefit his poor family and friends. Meanwhile, Frollo needs money to finance his alchemy instruments. He frees an old forger and miniaturist from prison. The man, Andreus, stays up all night sculpting 200 miniature gargoyles. With a sprinkle of Frollo's magic powder the gargoyles come to life and unseen, they steal the King's gold, coin by coin. Andreus is horrified by what Frollo has tricked him into doing. The next morning, Quasimodo reads the list of winners for the ceremony. Roger's work was so splendid that the King wants to commission him to design future works. Word then arrives that all the King's gold has been stolen!

After an inspection of the King's empty vault, Quasimodo detects one of the small gargoyles stuck in the locker's mechanism. By dyeing the gargoyle with red ink, Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois follow the red footprints of the creature to Frollo's hide-out, (where Esmeralda gets separated from her brother and Quasimodo). Francois and Quasimodo find Andreus chained to a wall while Frollo sleeps blanketed in a pile of the stolen gold coins. Azaroth detects the intruders and his barking wakes Frollo who sends his tiny clay army of gargoyles after the escaping trio and they are subsequently forced deeper and deeper into a deadly part of the labyrinth filled with hundreds of traps, while Frollo's sinister laughter is heard echoing in the dark tunnels. While searching in the dark for an escape, they come across Esmeralda. Using her magic locket they create magical torches to light the way and make the hidden traps visible. Esmeralda finds gold coins falling out of a crack in the tunnel wall. Using his amazing strength, Quasimodo opens the cracks and is flooded by tons of the gold coins stored in a nearby cavern. Francois promises Azaroth he will give him all the pastries he can eat, if the dog shows them the path out of the lair. The dog salivates and nods his head. Filling their pockets with gold coins, Quasimodo and Andreus leave a trail of gold to lead them back to the fortune. Arriving at the Palace the King is informed and dispatches several guards to retrieve the treasure. A new combination lock is installed on the vault that even miniature gargoyles couldn't open. The "March Of Progress" is a success after all and King Louis himself personally hands out gold coins to the winners as Quasimodo is carried shoulder high by the appreciative crowd.

The Choice #12

Quasimodo must choose between the possibility of finding his long lost parents and the reality of saving Esmeralda and Francois from certain death.

Angelica's friend, Gaspard tells her that a couple matching the description of Quasimodo's parents have been spotted in the port city of Lujon waiting for a boat that is scheduled to depart for London in two days. Quasimodo rides with Francois and Esmeralda as far as he can, before he heads off to Lujon on horseback. Esmeralda and Francois are on their way to entertain the King at his retreat.

While Quasimodo narrowly escapes a horrendous avalanche, Esmeralda and Francois become stranded at the bottom of a cliff after an accident befalls their coach.

Djali takes Esmeralda's locket from the unconscious young girl and the brave goat gallops off looking for help. Djali locates Quasimodo just as he arrives in Lujon. From a distance he can see the passengers filing onto a waiting boat. He knows his parents may very well be among them. Seeing Esmeralda's locket in the goat's mouth, Quasimodo decides that something must be wrong. He realizes that he must save his friends and heads off at breakneck speed. With the coachman's help, Quasimodo is able to hoist Francois and Esmeralda from the coach just as it is swept down the rushing torrent, slamming into the rocky bottom of the rapids and splintering in pieces.

The Man Who Wouldn't Be King #13

When King Louis suddenly raises taxes, throws innocent citizens in prison and plans to surrender Paris to the Duke of Burgundy, Quasimodo suspects this "King" may actually be an impostor.

King Louis is preparing for his annual "Tour of The Realm". Quasimodo is delighted to have been invited to join the King on the first day of the trip. Meanwhile, in Frollo's laboratory, Azaroth accidentally knocks over an entire bookcase covered with vials and potions. They all mix on the ground and Azaroth drinks some. Suddenly he turns into Frollo. Frollo can't believe his eyes. Then Azaroth turns back into himself. Frollo decides to taste some. He turns into Azaroth. This gives Frollo an idea. He bottles what's left of the strange brew. The next day as Quasimodo and the King head off on their journey, Frollo drinks some potion turning into the King. Everything except the coldness of the eyes are a perfect match.

One day later, Frollo is on his way to the Palace disguised as the King when Quasimodo spots him (having just returned from his time with the King on tour). Quasimodo is startled to see the King (Frollo) and wonders why he came back so early. King (Frollo) bluffs and says he didn't feel well. The King had asked Quasimodo to draw several sketches of him doing his Kingly duties, so King (Frollo) obliges and they go to the Palace where King (Frollo) acts like a kid in a candy store, running from room to room, taking royal baths and playing with the Royal treasure. King (Frollo's) first order of action is to impose a new tax: "Pay everything you have or go to prison." Quasimodo and the others are among those thrown in jail. Next, The Duke of Burgundy and his Generals mount an attack on Paris and demand a surrender by sundown. Much to everyone's surprise, King (Frollo) gives word to surrender.

Quasimodo, stuck in his prison cell and examining his sketches of King (Frollo) notices that the King has Frollo's eyes! Realizing the deception, Quasimodo busts out of his cell, determined to find the true King and restore order. While Francois races off to find King Louis, Quasimodo searches the Palace for Frollo. Rounding a corner he comes across---himself! Via the potion Frollo has now become Quasimodo. The two battle as guards watch unsure of what action to take. Suddenly, the potion wears off and Frollo is able to escape in the confusion. Francois locates the King and tells him the Duke of Burgundy's troops are at the edge to the La Salle Forest. With this information the King and his men are able to surround the invaders from both sides and force them to surrender. All is well once again thanks to Quasimodo and his friends.

Hope Springs Eternal #14

Quasimodo discovers his parents' secret lab and in doing so, inherits the legacy of their life's work.

Quasimodo decides to return to the ruins of his parent's chateau, and Esmeralda and Francois join him on his journey. At the ruins of the splendid de Bernassac home, which is now a lush, heavily foliated home to rabbits, buzzing insects, songbirds and a brood of foxes, Quasimodo notices the de Bernassac crest on a pillar. Discovering that the pillar is actually made up of stones which rotate on a hidden axis, Quasimodo pushes the stone and opens a doorway in the pillar that leads directly to the secret, state of the art laboratory of Charles and Vivianne de Bernassac.

The lab is filled with books and manuscripts, an endless array of potions and mechanical devices. Most valuable is the personal diary of Vivianne de Bemassac. Providing a link between his long lost parents and himself, Quasimodo learns his name used to be Jacques and that his parents used to help people with their inventions. The book mentions an able young assistant gone bad named Claude Frollo! They banished him from their chateau on the brink of their turning lead into gold. One entry tells of using a devining device to find desperately needed water on the farm of Marc and Mireille LaFleur.

Just then they hear cries from up in the ruins. They rush to find Lucy LaFleur, the beautiful 17 year old daughter of Marc and Mireille. She is being chased by two hired goons named Jacques and Gilles because she was caught stealing water from a neighboring farm. Her brother, Robert was captured. She came in search of the de Bernassacs because the spring the divining device had found years before has recently dried up and there is no more water.

While Quasimodo and Francois rescue Robert, Esmeralda heads off with Lucy and the divining device. When Quasimodo catches up with Esmeralda and Lucy, the Baron is threatening to take Robert and Lucy back into custody. He's not an unsympathetic man, but he knows that without water, Robert and Lucy will be forced to steal from him again. Esmeralda asks if he'd drop all charges if they could find an alternative water supply. The Baron agrees. With the use of the divining device and a batch of exploding powder, a gushing spring is found and as Lucy notes, Quasimodo has followed in his parents' name by becoming a Doer of Good Deeds.

The Beast #15

Quasimodo must fight a mechanical wolf to rescue the innocent villagers from the tyranny of a local baron.

In the library of Notre Dame, Dennis and Francois, who both have colds, and Esmeralda are mixing plant remedies. Djali eats the remaining medicinal plants. Dennis collapses with a fever and sends our friends off to collect more plants.

Entering the valley of the Auvergne, they spy a fortress in the distance and head for it, only to encounter a young peasant girl fleeing out of the woods pursued by an impossibly enormous wolf with glittering, green eyes. They rescue her and rush her into the fortress where they are led into the Great Hall and introduced to Baron Guillaume and his counselor, Jalvert. They explain that the wolf has terrorized the area for two years and that although the medicinal plants grow in the surrounding area, it is impossible to collect them for fear of attack by the enormous beast. The Baron has been kind enough to allow the peasants from the surrounding villages to take shelter in the fortress. Declining preferential treatment, Quasimodo and friends refuse the offer of a bed for the night, and choose instead to stay with the villagers. The poor villagers explain that they pay heavy taxes to Guillaume for the "privilege" of living in misery under his protection.

Quasimodo ends up fighting with the wolf and winds up with hand-fulls of hair, which turns out to be bear fur. The villagers tell Guillaume they no longer need his protection and they all leave. Quasimodo reveals that the wolf is a machine, and unmasks the baron as its inventor. Guillaume and Jalvert are hauled off to Paris in chains to face the King's justice, medicinal plants are collected and our friends say good-bye to the thankful villagers.

The Duel of the Magicians #16

When she realizes that the power of Esmeralda's magic is fading, Angelica tells Denis the history of the locket, aided by a series of flashbacks to a time when the gypsies' ancestors were given the locket in gratitude for helping a high priestess of a council of magicians deep in the forest of Valneviere. Esmeralda, Quasimodo and Francois set off to see if the magicians' descendants still live in the forest. When Frollo learns of their quest, he manages to find the magicians first (disguised as an old magician and using the alias Lorlof) and convinces them not only of his good will, but also that Quasimodo and his friends are spies of the King, whose aim is to destroy the magicians! To resolve the matter, the current high priestess orders Esmeralda and "Lorlof' to a magic contest, in which their true natures will be revealed. Needless to say, Frollo is unable to hide his inherent evil, and Esmeralda's pure heart and strong spirit triumphs, in a dramatic and visually exciting "duel of the magicians."

The Abomination's Revenge #17

Quasimodo is forced to rescue Frollo in order to save Paris from the Abomination's wrath.

Sudden explosions throughout the streets of Paris force Quasimodo to investigate. He finds Frollo running for his life. Frollo explains that he's being chased by a horrible creature called "The Abomination", bent on exacting his revenge. Frollo begs to be locked up in the Bastille. At least he will be safe from the monster's wrath. Quasimodo agrees to take Frollo to prison, but first he wants to know why the creature is chasing him.

In a flashback sequence, we see a young Frollo (with hair) working in the laboratory of Quasimodo's parents, Charles and Vivianne de Bernassac. A handsome young assistant named Robert also works nearby. Convinced that he'd finally developed the method of turning ordinary metals into gold, Frollo nonetheless knows the combination of ingredients might be dangerously explosive and so he asks Robert to add the last part of the potion. Sure enough there is a huge blast that not only blows Frollo's hair off his head, but horribly disfigures and cripples Robert (hence the name he's taken since the accident...The Abomination). The Abomination has used these last twenty years to hone and improve his own magical powers so that now he's even more powerful than Frollo. Since Frollo knew of the danger and didn't warn Robert he blames Frollo for the terrible and painful life he's lived.

Quasimodo takes Frollo to the King, but suggests that putting Frollo in the Bastille might not be such a good idea. He's afraid The Abomination might hunt him down and destroy the building. The King overrules Quasimodo's suggestion. Frollo is a wanted fugitive and under the law he must be rounded up and put behind the bars of the Bastille immediately.

While Quasimodo personally guards Frollo, The Abomination breaks through a prison wall, holds Esmeralda as a hostage and takes Frollo into the streets where they engage in a fierce battle, hurling explosives and casting evil spells back and forth. Quasimodo begs The Abomination to stop. His quarrel with Frollo is no excuse for destroying Paris and pulling innocent citizens into the melee'. While The Abomination is distracted, Frollo is able to escape to his underground lair. After hearing that Quasimodo is the son of the Charles and Vivianne de Bernassac, The Abomination agrees to leave. However, he vows to return one day to settle his vendetta with Frollo, but he agrees not to destroy Paris or hurt anyone else.

The Barbarian #18

At first Quasimodo is denied entry in the army because of his physical handicap, but he not only proves to be a good soldier, he saves France from a horde of vicious barbarians.

France is under siege. Dennis has been sent by King Louis to try to negotiate a peace settlement. Unfortunately he is captured. Meanwhile Quasimodo tries to enlist in the army, but is rejected on the basis of his hunched back. His friend Francois (now a soldier) pleads his case and since they're short of men, they finally agree to let him stay. But not as a soldier, rather an orderly. Nonetheless Quasimodo is happy to serve his country. Back at Notre Dame, Angelica and Esmeralda are busy rolling bandages when they learn that Dennis has been captured. Esmeralda leaves, determined to rescue him. Frollo gets into the act by having his gargoyle, Dragon, deliver a huge medieval-looking, multiple-headed weapon called the "equalizer" to the invading enemy.

Seeing the gargoyle flying overhead with the giant weapon, Quasimodo knows Frollo must be nearby and up to no good. He and Francois run into Esmeralda on her perilous journey and join her search for Dennis. At the secret fort, where Dennis is held prisoner, Frollo gives a demonstration of the devastating effects of his private war toy, turning an entire fortress fence, the length of a hundred men, into wooden splinters with a single blast. As Frollo helps with the invasion of Paris, Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois dressed for a night raid, sneak among the perimeter of the fort only to be captured. Sunrise finds our friends sharing a cell with Dennis. Francois feigns illness and when the sentry opens the door, they escape. Via a secret plan, they gain control of "the equalizer" and threaten to use it . In the spirit of having a fair fight, Quasimodo offers to fight the enemy leader man to man. At first this suggestion is met with laughter, but Quasimodo actually wins. He is then known as the individual who single-handedly saved his country. He's quick to note that he could never have done it without the help of his two best friends, Esmeralda and Francois.

A Song of the Heart #19

Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois discover an old hermit with an enchanted carillon, living in the woods. Each time he plays its beautiful music, an apparition appears. He and Quasimodo are drawn to each other, and they soon discover that he is Guy, the father of Viviane... Quasimodo's grandfather! The joyous reunion is cut short by Frollo, who has learned of the bell machine and forces Guy to summon Viviane, so he can obtain the secret of the philosopher's stone. But all of Frollo's evil efforts (pitting our heroes against avalanches, gargoyles and wild boars) are in vain - all the machine will summon up for Frollo are visions of his unhappy youth, which send him running away, "never wanting to hear those cursed bells again!". Guy chooses to remain in the wilderness, but promises to visit his grandson in Paris often. In a touching final sequence, after our friends leave, the old man plays the bells once more, and speaks to the apparition of his beloved Viviane. He tells her of discovering her son, Quasimodo, and vows to find her again, too. Viviane responds. "We will meet once again... I know we will!" The Music

Master #20

Frollo uses a magic trumpet in his plan to hypnotize the King.

In The Court Of Miracles, Clopin Seekpocket's street urchins have returned with a day's worth of booty. As Clopin sorts through the collection of valuables, he snatches out an old trumpet and begins playing it badly. When he plays a certain eerie tune, one of his urchins seems to enter a trance-like state and says, "Tell me what you wish, master."

Meanwhile, the King is preparing for a lavish reception to welcome the visiting King of Spain. In his underground tunnels, Frollo is pacing unhappily, wanting more than ever to be a King, when Clopin shows up and says he has a magic trumpet which can make people do anything you ask. Clopin gives Frollo a demonstration, using the trumpet on Francois. Frollo tells Francois to ask Dennis if Clopin can accompany Francois' reading of his poem before the two Kings. Francois heads off to do as he's been told. Frollo tells Clopin to prepare to become court musician because before the night is over he, Frollo, will be the new King of France.

Quasimodo and Esmeralda begin to notice that Francois is acting strange so they spy on his rehearsal with Clopin. They witness Clopin turn his magic trumpet on Angelica and she goes to Dennis and asks if a belly dancer can join their act now. As Frollo, cross-dressed as the ugliest belly dancer you've ever seen, practices his act, Quasimodo and Esmeralda rush to Dennis. They tell him of the magic trumpet and suggest that some of the King's soldiers arrest Clopin. Dennis decides that the best course of action is to wait and see what Frollo and Clopin are up to.

At the royal reception all watch as Quasimodo and Esmeralda finish their exciting trapeze performances. Dennis then rushes in, book in hand and tells Quasimodo he has discovered how to break the spell of the trumpet. The tune must be played backwards. Next, Frollo the belly dancer, dances and with the help of Clopin's trumpet, King Louis is hypnotized and just about to sign Frollo's Royal Decree when Quasimodo swings into frame and rips the scroll out of the King's hand. A mad chase ensues with Clopin pointing the trumpet at Quasimodo, but he keeps missing the dodging hunch back. Quasimodo tosses the trumpet to Esmeralda, who plays the tune backwards, thus releasing the spells on the King, Francois and Angelica. Frollo and Clopin escape via black magic and a puff of smoke. The trumpet is destroyed and the celebration continues.

The Eye of The Eagle #21

Quasimodo races against time and Frollo to solve a riddle which promises to perhaps pinpoint the location of Charles and Vivianne de Bernassac s whereabouts.

While inspecting some Notre Dame blueprints, Dennis notices that the gargoyle faces decorating the highest tower are different than planned. Using a magnifying glass, Dennis determines that the faces are careful likenesses of Quasimodo's parents, Charles and Vivianne de Bernassac. Quasimodo scales the outside of Notre Dame and upon close inspection he notices a loose stone block below his parents' heads. Inside he finds a blank scroll. One of Frollo's gargoyles quickly springs to life and tries to tear the paper from the hunch back's grasp, thus tearing it into two equal parts. It flies off into the evening sky clutching the bottom portion in its stone talons.

Both Frollo and Quasimodo deduce that the scroll has some hidden message and seek the help of a magician named Sylvia to help them decode the mystery of the parchment. Frollo gets to her first. Held under magic smoke, a picture is slowly revealed. Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francois burst in... just in time to save Sylvia and fortunately there is barely enough magic smoke left over for Quasimodo to see what's drawn on his half as well. Independently, Frollo and Quasimodo deduce that the picture, which is a modified version of the de Bernassac crest (an eagle holding a serpent in its talons), somehow reveals the location of Charles and Vivianne's secret hide-out. The curves of the drawing resemble a map of the city and, without the other half, each party is left to guess as to the approximate location. On Quasimodo's portion, hidden within the eye of the eagle, there is a miniature drawing of Charles and Vivianne. At the bottom of Frollo's copy is a small list of the alchemy apparatus used to make the Philosopher's stone (the secret of turning common metals into gold).

A frenzied race ensues with both Frollo and Quasimodo arriving at an old Inn almost simultaneously. Suspicious at first, when the Innkeeper finds out that Quasimodo is Charles and Vivianne's son, he shows them to his parents secret hide-away. Moments later, just as Quasimodo finds another scroll in a desk drawer an explosion rocks the laboratory as Frollo and his trusty dog, Azaroth, burst through a wall. The explosion demolishes all of the alchemy equipment and a fire destroys the scroll before it can be examined. Having no desire to fight with the enraged Quasimodo, Frollo flees. All that is left intact is a small chest filled with gold coins bearing the de Bernassac crest. Instead of keeping the gold, Quasimodo generously donates the money to the loyal Inn Keeper. He gratefully accepts and fully restores the Inn, as well as completely refurbishing the secret room. The Inn is renamed "The Eye Of The Eagle" and Quasimodo is left feeling hopeful that his parents will return someday.

The Oracle #22

Quasimodo unmasks a charlatan to save a village overcome with superstition

An urgent call for help by Dennis' good friend, Maurice, arrives at Notre Dame via carrier pigeon. Quasimodo, Francois and Esmeralda leave Paris at once to help Maurice. Arriving in Boisjoli, the city in which Maurice lives, they discover villagers with strange illnesses: some have their hair turning green or red, others have large multicolored dots appearing on their skin. The village's mayor, Bertrand, orders the other villagers to seize Quasimodo, Francois and Esmeralda and throw them in jail. A new arrival in the village, The Oracle, has told Bertrand that the trio are the evil strangers a prophecy had warned them all about. Denying any wrongdoing, Quasimodo and his friends are told that Maurice has thrown a curse on Boisjoli.

Jailed with Maurice, Quasimodo and his friends learn that the Oracle is deliberately malting people sick and then giving them antidotes to make himself look good. His plan is to get all the villagers to give him all their money. Creating a pulley system, Quasimodo and Maurice rip the bars and door free from their cell and Quasimodo and Esmeralda are able to escape. Francois, Maurice and Djali are left behind. The Oracle declares that if the hunchback and Esmeralda don't return by dawn, Maurice and Francois will be put to death. Quasimodo and Esmeralda hurry the Oracle's secret cave where they discover glass tubes filled with "Terribili sickinessus". They also find bags of magic powder and vials of "storm-producing" chemicals. Quasimodo and Esmeralda steal a metal plate, a bag of powder and some chemicals and sneak out unseen. Later that same night, as Francois, Maurice and Djali are tied with ropes to a large oak tree, the Oracle makes a speech in front of the villagers. Quasimodo shows up, wearing a red cape and a magician hat and challenges The Oracle to a battle of magic. The Oracle promptly shoots a fireball at Quasimodo and knocks him high into the air. He lands on the ground and lies still.

Quasimodo suddenly stands up and laughs at The Oracle, as Esmeralda releases Francois, Maurice and Djali. Quasimodo and The Oracle hurl exploding powder back and forth. The Oracle demands that the villagers capture Quasimodo, but they refuse convinced that Quasimodo possesses magical powers as well. Quasimodo finally outwits The Oracle and exposes him as a fraud, thus showing the villagers the secrets behind the trickery. The villagers apologize to Maurice and they all enjoy a big feast celebrating the end of The Oracle's reign of terror.

The Treasure #23

Legend holds that when the last piece of glass is installed in the new hospital, sunlight will shine through and reveal the coded location of the Philosopher's Stone.

Quasimodo, Francois and Esmeralda meet a young man named Pierre, who is an apprentice working to become a master stained glass-maker. He is part of a group putting the finishing touches on a magnificent hospital which has been under construction for many years. Once finished, the hospital will provide care for the poor of Paris. Much of the funding for the project was provided a long time ago by a man named Nicholas Flamel. It is rumored that the source of his riches was that he actually discovered the Philosopher's Stone and manufactured endless amounts of gold. Legend holds, that Flamel had a hand in both the design of the main window and the floor which laid beneath it. According to Pierre, once the window and floor are both in place...the sun shining through the window at some certain time of the day will cause the shadows from the window to form a design on the floor which will clearly show the way to discovering Flamel's "greatest treasure". Unfortunately, Frollo overhears the conversation.

Once the window is installed everyone watches anxiously awaiting the appearance of the coded message, which is revealed to Frollo at the same moment it's revealed to Quasimodo and the others. The race is on. Arriving at the location indicated by the message, there is another set of instructions. Frollo reads just enough to realize he is within inches of the place Flamel has hidden the Philosopher's Stone. He tosses aside the manuscript containing the instructions and races for the hiding place. Esmeralda and Francois are just about to intercept him when Quasimodo stops them. Francois and Esmeralda are stunned, but just as Frollo grabs the Philosopher's Stone from its hiding place, his shout of greedy joy is cut short as he suddenly stiffens and freezes in place. In a blinding flash he is transformed into a statue of solid gold.

Quasimodo reveals to the others that Frollo wasn't patient enough to read the entire set of instructions. There were problems with the alchemy process. Whatever touched the stone first would turn to gold, but only for a limited period of time, then it would assume its original form. Francois is stunned. He can't believe they have risked their lives for this---Flamel's greatest treasure. Quasimodo points out that the real treasure is Flamers manuscripts that talk of the importance of goodness over gold, of the triumph of a life lived well rather than a life filled with wealth.

A True Gypsy #24

Esmeralda and Francois learn the truth about their parents and what it truly means to be a gypsy.

Angelica sadly tells Francois and Esmeralda that she is not their grandmother by blood. They were left on a floating raft by a young panicked couple during a raging forest fire. Angelica loved and cared for the children as if they were her own. Francois handles the news reasonably well and comforts the shaken-up Angelica. Esmeralda storms out, confused and distraught over the fact that in her eyes she isn't a true gypsy. Outside, she witnesses the gypsy King being kidnapped. She tries to get Quasimodo and Francois to help her chase the kidnappers, but Angelica insists that this is not "the gypsy way". Since there is no presiding King, the seven clan leaders must meet and decide what course of action to take. Esmeralda is fully aware of this tradition, but since she's not a "real" gypsy, she refuses to abide by the tradition and heads off by herself, disguised as an old gypsy woman, determined to save the King. Quasimodo and Francois disguise themselves as gypsy girls and follow her.

At the edge of the city in the rubbish of some ruins two men are talking in front of a fire. She recognizes them as the kidnappers. She threatens them with "the evil eye" if they don't treat her well. They offer to let her stay the night. In a tent behind some of the ruins, the King is being held captive by his cousin, Kasimir. He has been in exile for many years and is next in line to be the Gypsy King, should anything happen to the present King. As Esmeralda starts to untie the him, he surprisingly tells her to go away. She confronts him telling him he is too proud to be rescued by someone who isn't a "true gypsy". The King is saddened that she knows the truth, because he truly cares for her. Just then Kasimir enters and Esmeralda is also captured.

Meanwhile at the Council Of Seven meeting, Kasimir's henchmen call for a new king to be appointed. Quasimodo announces that Kasimir is holding the King prisoner right here in the gypsy camp. He spots Kasimir hiding in the shadows, wearing a hooded robe and at Francois' prodding, challenges him to the ritual "Gypsy Challenge Of The Heart". If Quasimodo wins, the old King and Esmeralda will be released. If Kasimir wins, it's all over for Quasimodo, Esmeralda and the old King. A series of breath-taking challenges unfold in front of the assembled gypsies. Kasimir and Quasimodo outdo each other demonstrating their bravery, skill, intelligence, and agility to their limits. In a suspenseful climax, Quasimodo emerges victorious. Refusing to give in so easily, Kasimir shoots a flaming arrow at the tent where Esmeralda and The King are tied up, and the tent instantly burst into flames. Esmeralda uses her magic locket to save the King and herself. Kasimir and his accomplices are apprehended. Later, at a big gypsy celebration, the King officially pronounces Esmeralda to be a true gypsy. She has proven it as the power of the pendant only works for gypsies.

The Guardians #25

Quasimodo accidentally discovers a wonderful secret valley and tries to keep Frollo from locating it.

Obeying Dennis' instructions, Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Francis have followed Joubert, one of King Louis' advisors, during a secret journey. Joubert meets with Frollo in a remote part of the forest and prepares to hand over the King's "book of codes" which contains all the codes used by the King to protect his most confidential documents. While Esmeralda, Francois and some guards seize Joubert, Frollo attempts to escape on his gargoyle. Quasimodo climbs aboard and the two have a mid-air struggle for the book. The gargoyle is suddenly struck by lightning and Quasimodo falls through some trees and lands in a deep river. He's never learned how to swim and just as he's about to drown, he is rescued by a man who takes Quasimodo to a secret, magical valley hidden behind a waterfall.

Prince Yensid, a tall, dark-haired, bearded man is waiting for Quasimodo at the Palace. He wickedly says, "You have violated our sacred boundaries and as such, you will be put to death immediately!"

As guards start to take Quasimodo away, a kind looking old man comes in. Understanding that he is the King, Quasimodo apologizes for entering the valley uninvited. The King asks the guards to release Quasimodo and give him a nice room to rest. He is taken away and told that wise, old King Uzziah has had trouble with his would-be successor and nephew, Prince Yensid, who would like to use the living treasures of the secret valley to conquer the outside world. The guide shows Quasimodo to a balcony overlooking a vast garden in which flying horses play with their young, two Cyclops are washing the scales of a huge, red dragon and a dinosaur-like creature swims in a lake. This valley is a place where endangered species are permitted to exist peacefully and happily. The "Guardian" tribes care for the animals.

Quasimodo warns King Uzziah that Frollo is nearby and that if he found this place, he would do his best to use the animals for his own evil schemes. Prince Yensid overhears and flies off to find Frollo and offers him the wonders of the secret valley if Frollo will use his magic to kill King Uzziah. Frollo happily agrees.

Quasimodo rescues Francois and Esmeralda who are seated on the highest branch of a tree, terrified by a Bigfoot kindly waving to them. Back at the Palace they are treated to a big feast. Esmeralda becomes suspicious of a strange, bearded man sitting next to Yensid. She rips the false beard from his face exposing---Frollo! Yensid's soldiers appear, capture Quasimodo and threaten King Uzziah with their swords. In the end, however, King Uzziah's friend the Gorgon, (a woman with a head full of moving snakes in place of hair), comes to the rescue. When Frollo, Yensid and his soldiers behold the Gorgon they immediately turn to stone as King Uzziah warns the others not to look.

Quasimodo, Francois and Esmeralda promise they will never tell anyone about the secret valley. The last we see of Frollo, he has been placed in the forest and his gargoyle has broken the ear off his statuesque figure and is attempting to fly him back to his lair.

The Secret of the Templars #26

While entertaining at an outdoor Paris market, Francois is suddenly abducted by two mysterious men in white robes. Quasimodo and Esmeralda are unable to save him, but a clue left behind, which Denis traces to an ancient order of Knights Templars, leads them to a long-abandoned chateau, where they are stunned to find Francois a most willing captive. His remarkable resemblance to the founder of the Order has convinced the knights (and the suggestible Francois) that he is his direct descendant! In fact, he has been appointed Grand Master of the resurrected order. But when Jerome, the one "bad apple" amongst the knights, explains slyly that he must first put his hands on the Templars' ancient lost treasure, and demands that the now-terrified Francois reveal its location, our heroes realize the myths about the treasure "can only reawaken the greed and jealousies that led to the end of the old Order". In a touching ending to this final episode, Denis accidentally stumbles on the actual lost treasure, and the ghostly apparitions of the original Knights Templar allow him to take a few precious jewels, so that he and our heroes may continue their work with the sick and the poor of Paris.