POPEYE AND SON - (30 x 30')


Episode # 1:

"The Attack of the Sea Hag"
When Junior stumbles on a mermaid figurehead, Bluto and Tank take it from him. For once, Popeye counsels Junior to give in to Bluto. When the evil Sea Hag appears out of the fog to demand the mermaid's return, Junior ends up rescuing Bluto's yacht party.

Log Line: A mermaid figurehead turns out to be bad luck for Bluto and Tank.

"Happy Anniversary"
On their anniversary, Popeye and Olive argue. As Junior and Dee Dee try to reconcile them, they recall the story of their wedding that almost didn't happen. Popeye and Olive realize their love for each other in time for their surprise party at Wimpy's.

Log Line: On their anniversary, Popeye and Olive recall their wedding.

Episode # 2:

"The Sea Monster"
When Polly helps a hurt sea monster it develops a crush on her. The monster is so lovestruck he follows Polly around and is an easy target for Bluto, who captures him. Polly and Junior head out to sea to rescue their friend. All's well when the monster finds a female sea monster to love.

Log Line: A sea monster develops a monster crush on Polly.

"Poopdeck Pappy and the Family Tree"
Poopdeck Pappy, Junior's grandpa, makes an unexpected visit. Junior is delighted until Pappy speaks to his class about their less than noble family tree. Junior's embarrassment is assuaged when Pappy rescues the whole class from disaster during a field trip.

Log Line: Junior is embarrassed by his grandpa's family stories.

Episode # 3:

"Bluto's Wave Pool"
Tank and friends sabotage the beach to get people to visit Bluto's Wave Park. When Popeye finds out he and Junior set out to clean up and teach Bluto a lesson. Then Tank fools with the park's computer, which causes a tidal wave that clears the park and sends everyone back to the beach.

Log Line: Tank sabotages the beach to get folks to visit Bluto's Wave Park.

"Here Today, Goon Tomorrow"
After losing a volleyball game to Junior, despondent Woody is kidnaped by the Goons and taken to Goon Island. Fearing he's in danger, Popeye and Junior go after him and end up in hot water themselves. Woody finds out he's a winner when it counts as he helps rescue his friends.

Log Line: Woody is kidnapped and taken to Goon Island.

Episode # 4:

"Don't Give Up the Picnic"
At a town picnic, a competition pits the families against each other. Bluto and Tank will do anything to win, but their schemes all backfire. The real winners surprise everyone, including themselves.

Log Line: Bluto and Tank will do anything to win the Picnic Games.

"The Lost Treasure of Pirate's Cove"
Junior and the gang find a treasure map and head out in Popeye's boat to find it. Various underwater dangers confront them. But the worst peril comes from Tank and his pals, who want the treasure for themselves. Log Line: The kids are in for trouble when they search for pirate treasure.

Episode # 5:

"Junior's Genie"
When Junior finds a wish-granting genie he begins to act like spoiled Tank. He makes the genie make Woody lose a bike race so he can win. After that none of his friends will talk to him, and he learns a lesson in sportsmanship. Junior sets the genie free and gives Woody the trophy.

Log Line: Success goes to Junior's head when he finds a genie in a bottle.

"Mighty Olive at the Bat"
Olive volunteers to play in the father-son baseball game after Popeye hurts his arm. Despite her enthusiasm, she is a poor player. After a late-night practice, Olive improves her skills but is almost too tired to play.

Log Line; Olive goes to bat for Junior's baseball team when an injury puts Popeye on the bench.

Episode # 6:

"Junior Gets A Job"
Junior doesn't have any money for Olive's birthday gift, so he rushes out to find a job. He ends up working for Bluto. The job goes well until Tank shows up and tries to undo Junior's hard work.

Log Line: Junior works for Bluto to earn money for Olive's birthday gift.

"Surf Movie"
A surf movie is being filmed in Sweethaven, and Junior gets the lead. Trouble starts when Popeye and Olive try to "help" the reluctant star, and Bluto and Lizzie scheme to get the role for Tank.

Log Line: Junior gets a starring role in a surf movie.

Episode # 7:

"Junior's Birthday Round-Up"
The kids' plans for Junior's birthday bash are nearly scuttled when he refuses to attend if Tank is invited, due to Tank's pranks at last year's party. The kids try to convince Junior to change his mind.

Log Line: Junior refuses to attend his own birthday party if Tank is invited.

Junior stows away on Redbeard's ship, but gets more adventure than he bargained for when pirates sink it and take Redbeard hostage. Popeye and Junior must rescue Redbeard and escape from the pirates' island fortress.

Log Line: Hoping for adventure, Junior stows away on Redbeard's ship.

Episode # 8:

"The Girl From Down Under"
The kids meet Shellie, a new girl "from Down Under." Pretty soon dolphins and fish start disappearing from Sweethaven. When Shellie let all the animals from Sea Park go, it calls for Popeye's spinach to round them up. The girl from "Down Under" turns out to be a mermaid.

Log Line: The girl from "Down Under" turns out to be a mermaid.

"Olive's Dinosaur Dilemma"
When a hot-air balloon lifts off with her in it, Olive lands in a lost prehistoric valley. Popeye and Junior fly off to the rescue.

Log Line: Olive stumbles into a lost prehistoric valley.

Episode # 9:

"Dr. Junior and Mr. Hyde"
While helping Professor Whatasnozzle with a new invention, Junior and Woody accidentally drink a formula that makes them turn into monsters. While Junior and Francis's alter egos wreak havoc, Popeye and the Professor must administer an antidote.

Log Line: Junior and Woody drink a formula that turns them into rampaging monsters.

"Popeye's Surfing Adventure"
After Popeye claims surfing takes little skill, he challenges Junior to a surfing contest to prove his point. Popeye discovers that there is a little more to surfing than meets the eye.

Log Line: Popeye challenges Junior to a surfing contest.

Episode # 10:

"Split Decision"
Feeling left out when Polly joins the basketball team and spends time with her teammates, Dee Dee joins a hang-gliding club. When a gust of wind sends Dee Dee soaring on an outof-control glider, she learns that she can still count on her old friends.

Log Line: Dee Dee feels left out when Polly joins the basketball team.

"The Case of the Burger Burglar"
Francis and Junior go sleuthing when a hamburger thief threatens to put Wimpy out of business. After their search for clues comes to a dead end, the detectives must set a trap and wait for the culprit.

Log Line: Francis and Junior become detectives when a thief steals Wimpy's hamburgers.

Episode # 11:

"Orchid You Not"
After Eugene goes on an orchid-snatching spree, Popeye and Junior trail him to a seaside cave and discover a whole pack of little jeeps. When one of the little jeeps is snatched by a giant sea buzzard, Popeye and Junior team up to bring the baby back to earth.

Log Line: Eugene goes on an orchid-snatching spree to feed a litter of baby jeeps.

"Ain't MythBehaving"
Popeye and Junior sail to Greece in search of the Golden Fleece, with Olive in hot pursuit -- trying to bring them their lunch! Popeye and Junior must fight bulldozers and tourists, while Olive encounters fire-breathing bulls, an army of skeletons, and a band of Harpies.

Log Line: Popeye and Junior sail to Greece in search of the Golden Fleece.

Episode # 12:

"There Goes the Neighborhood"
A new boy in Junior's class turns out to be a werewolf. While Junior and the gang nervously attend a party and meet the boy's monster parents, Bluto leads an angry mob to surround the house. Junior must rescue Lon's parents from the burning house.

Log Line: A family of monsters moves into Sweethaven.

"Prince of a Fellow"
Junior meets Rex, a young prince who looks like him. They change places for a day and each gets more than he bargained for. Junior finds he must become engaged to a young princess. As Junior tries to escape from the ceremony, Rex and Popeye rush to save him.

Log Line: Junior and a young prince change places for a day.

Episode # 13:

"Olive's Day Off"
Feeling overworked, Olive decides to take a day off from housework. Popeye and Junior must pitch in to do the laundry, go to the market, clean the house, and prepare dinner for Granny Popeye.

Log Line: Olive takes a day off from housework.

"Damsel in Distress"
A message in a bottle from a damsel in distress calls for the strongest man in the world. Popeye and Bluto race to find the damsel and prove who is the strongest. The damsel turns out to be Sea Hag, and Popeye and Bluto must face a two-headed giant.

Log Line: Popeye and Bluto race to prove who is the strongest man in the world.