A crazy Professor has built the first rocket to go to the moon. Popeye, Olive and Wimpy are to be the astronauts and see if the moon has any inhabitants. When they land on the moon they find it is made of cheese. They meet some moon-men who introduce the trio to their leader "Big Cheese." Popeye asks "Big Cheese” for help in getting back to Earth, but the leader is an evil man and tries to imprison Popeye and his friends. However the moon-men have taken a liking to Popeye and don't like the way their leader has treated him, so they help him to escape by overcoming "Big Cheese."
Olive awakens Popeye by calling him on the phone to come over and fix a leaky faucet. Popeye puts a large pipe wrench on the faucet, water spews into his face -- He forgot to turn the water off before starting the job. Popeye goes to the basement, which is 20 floors down; meanwhile, Olive's kitchen is flooding. Popeye breaks the water main in the basement and then goes to the street via a manhole. Trying to shut off the main pipeline, he goofs again, sending himself through the manhole on a geyser of water. The city, now submerging in water, is overrun with oceanliners and helicopters in rescue work. Popeye is startled to see the Statue of Liberty submerged in water. Determined not to let the flood extinguish the burning flame of Liberty, he snatches a can of spinach, swims to Times Square, reads directions to the City Water Works and dives for the flood control valve. When Popeye is awakened by a second phone call from Olive, he is turning the seat on his swivel chair and submerged under his desk. Popeye is so relieved it was all a daymare that he rushes to fix Olive's leaky faucet.
Popeye is telling Swee'Pea a fairytale about a mama jeep and her four children -- three good girls and a mischievous boy named Jeepers. One day they go to eat spinach in the good farmer's garden. Jeepers goes into the bad farmer's garden and eats weeds. The farmer catches Jeepers and locks him up, but mama rescues him that night. The next day, the bad farmer tries to chop down the jeep tree, but mama jeep foils him completely. Afterward, the good farmer invites them over for more spinach.
Popeye and Olive visit an astronomer's observatory and get a lively demonstration of a weird space magnet that pulls in curiosities from outer space -- i.e. rocket pistols and juvenile delinquents ("Martian Monsters") dressed in black leather jackets. Popeye gets into a real tangle with this gang of tough space kids.


The big cross country auto race is on between Popeye's Jalopy and the streamlined
racer, "Big Daddy," owned by Brutus. Completely humbled by Brutus' tricks, Popeye finally wins, after squeezing spinach juice into the gas tank of his jalopy.
Popeye, as owner and instructor of a gym (a la Vic Tanny). The setup includes a TV commercial with Olive, Wimpy and later Brutus as clients. Resulting gags and inevitable battle between Brutus and Popeye over Olive.
Swee’ Pea takes up juggling and in the process practically levels the house and everything in it to dust. Popeye sends Swee' Pea to bed with a scolding. Popeye falls asleep reading a book on juggling. A dream sequence follows in which Swee' Pea is the star juggler in a circus tied up by a 9-year-contract to a tough circus owner. The dream comes to a nightmarish ending and Popeye awakens happy in the realization that it was only a dream.
Brutus is after Popeye's job as a weather forecaster. Olive is the head of the weather bureau. Through sly tricks, Brutus gets Popeye's weather predictions fouled up. Olive gets mad and fires Popeye. Popeye discovers Brutus' weather foul-up contraption and feeds it spinach. Everything turns green -- Olive is happy because it's spring. Brutus is shown for his true self and is fired. Popeye gets his job back.


Popeye goes back in time to ancient Greece. The king sends him to capture the Golden Fleece. Popeye's singing annoys Zeus and Pluto, but he escapes their thunderbolts of rain. He also escapes the Amazon Goons and the Sea Hag. He lands on the Sea Hags Island, follows a sign that says, "Golden Fleece This Way" and ends up in a side show tent containing golden fleas. He fights a Brutus Centaur, wins, and then returns to the present. He feels itchy, and then finds a golden flea which grins at him.
Popeye gets voted sheriff of the western town because he resists the McBride boys. When he puts one in jail, a big shoot-out begins. Popeyc wins the unusual shooting while covering his eyes with one hand. Rescued, Olive puckers to kiss Popeye, but he ducks and she kisses his horse.
A Beatnik themed episode, wherein Popeye, the square, recaptures Olive's affection from Beatnik Brutus as well as giving Brutus a thorough beating while gaining the Coffee House beatniks' approval.
Popeye is a billionaire who decides to give one million dollars each to his friends -- Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea, Wimpy and even Brutus -- to see who will spend the money the wisest way. When he finds out they all squander their money and come back to ask for more, he decides to give all the rest of his money to the Sailor's Relief Fund.


Ghosts haunt Popeye and Olive on a stormy night , outwit Popeye and will not let him have his spinach. The ghosts turn out to be friendly and a peace pact is made.
When Olive and Popeye seek shelter from a storm, Popeye tangles with Professor Mueller's robot, Irving, who goes for Olive. In the fight, Popeye is forced to rebuild Irving into Elvis, who turns out so handsome that Olive makes a play for him, but the monster runs away from Olive.
As pet store owner, Popeye's aim is to have satisfied customers. (All Popeye characters are his customers, except Brutus). Brutus snatches pets from customers and rejoices that they are now dissatisfied customers. Popeye dons a dog costume to get at the bottom of the trouble, outwits and outfights Brutus, and returns the pets to the customers.
It's a stormy night around the lighthouse and Popeye is polishing brass. He hears knocking on
a porthole. He opens the porthole and water brings in a bottle containing a message that Sea Hag is holding Swee' Pea hostage: he must turn out light. Popeye writes "no," puts it in a bottle and tosses it out the porthole -- but he includes a tiny radio bug. Sea Hag attacks with vultures and gives him ten minutes to give up. After eating spinach pills, Popeye defeats the vultures, and torpedo defeats Sea Hag. Parallelling this action, a sealiner with a crew unaware of impending disaster, sails peacefully and remarks that the lighthouse beacon never fails.


Popeye goes back in history to the days of the cavemen to explain the origin of spinach to Olive. "Prehesterical" Popeye woos his Olive with a club, fights and conquers Brutus, and "dinasewers" to rescue her. He tries first "spinach" because dinosaurs grew big eating it. Modem Olive likes club technique romance. She smacks Popeye and drags him off.
Olive is in the pie baking business and Popeye sells them. He sells his first pie to a poor old lady witch who gives him a magic can of spinach. Olive is so angry she throws it out the window. It suddenly sprouts and grows into the clouds. Popeye climbs until he sees a castle. He sees Eugene and asks him who lives there. Eugene tells him that a bad giant does. The giant pulls Olive out of his pocket and tells her to bake 1000 pies every day and to sing and play the harp every night. He asks Jeep if there is a sailorman in the castle. Jeep says no. The giant squeezes him and tells him he is lying. Popeye comes to the rescue but the giant flattens him and tells him spinach makes him tough. The giant laughs and shoves a handful of spinach down his mouth. Popeye gives him an upper cut and knocks out all his teeth. The three escape down the spinach stalk.
Olive, Popeye and Jeep are at the Aztec ruins in Mexico. They discover that the Jeep can read the carvings, which starts them on a quest for Aztec treasure. Brutus, their Mexican guide, appropriates the Jeep to find the treasure. Popeye and Olive chase after him, but Brutus sets traps and ambushes to delay them. At the crisis point, Popeye is tied to an ancient sacrificial wheel, but Jeep gives him some spinach and Popeye saves them all.
Brutus challenges Popeye to a game of ping-pong and the winner is to receive a kiss from Olive Oyl. However, Popeye has problems beating Brutus without the aid of his spinach.


Popeye gets into winter sports and competes for Olive's attention in the cross country ski race. Tripped and rolled into a snowball, Popeye passes through a log where the park bear is hibernating. When the snowball crosses over the finish line, the bear is wearing the skis and wins first prize.
Popeye opens a car wash. Brutus has a car wash across the street. When Olive brings a long convertible to Popeye to be washed, Brutus mixes the controls and Olive's car comes out shrunken to midget size. Olive is burned up and Brutus takes her across the street to his beautiful "Brutus Beauty Bath." Olive swoons over Brutus and he chases her. Popeye comes to the rescue and gets the worst of it. Then he eats spinach. Popeye knocks Brutus' car wash apart and it settles back to Brutus' junk yard. Brutus lands in front of Popeye's Car Wash in the form of a statue spraying water from his mouth and ears. Popeye and Olive hop in the car and drive into his car wash singing.
Olive is carried off by a dragon (Middle Ages-Time Machine gimmick) ... Sir Popeye buys a suit of armor and he goes to her rescue. He wins a zany battle with a dragon and saves Olive.
Popeye is sailing aboard a river boat called the Bella Queen on his way to New Orleans, when a damsel in distress (Olive Oyl) seeks his aid against a wicked man (Brutus). She gives Popeye a letter to deliver for her in New Orleans, but when Popeye does, he finds that it is a debt that has to be paid, and now he has to pay it!


Popeye and Olive try out their new collapsible boat and meet Jolly Roger, the modem pirate, who makes off with Olive. The pirate collapses Popeye's boat and sets sharks after him. Spinach enables Popeye to make a collapsed boat out of the pirate ship and rescue Olive.
When Popeye promises to be a gentleman, Olive goes with him to the circus. While Brutus, the strongman, shows off for Olive, Popeye exposes him as a fraud. But trying to be a gentleman, Popeye avoids fighting Brutus until cornered. Olive feeds Popeye spinach and things change for the best. The final scene is a subdued Brutus paddling Olive and Popeye through the "Tunnel of Love."
Brutus learns from a newspaper headline -- MILLION DOLLAR BABY -- that Swee' Pea has come into a fortune. His attempts to kidnap Swee' Pea are thwarted by Popeye who has been left to babysit while Olive shops.
Popeye and Olive are boating near Goon Island, when one of the "Goons from the Moon" captures Olive. She is crowned Queen of Goon Island, an honor which requires her to marry the king. Popeye is caged and without spinach, until Olive manages to smuggle a can to him inside her queen's crown. Popeye then breaks out, roughs up the Goons, and rescues the "queen."


Popeye and Olive hunt the last of the Foola-Foola birds, trying to win a million dollar reward. They are followed by Brutus, who complicates the hunting until Popeye resorts to spinach and humbles him.
Olive Oyl asks Popeye how the mirror was broken. He tells her that Swee' Pea was wondering what was inside the mirror so he walked through it and found himself in a meadow. Swee' Pea fell into a hole and found himself in a small house. He ate some pills and grew very tall. Then he ate a different pill and returned to normal size. Outside, he found a garden where Queen Sea Hag and King Brutus were playing croquet, using Jeeps for balls and vultures for mallets. He refused to play so the Queen ordered him killed. He escaped through the mirror. To prove that Swee' Pea could not possibly have gone through the mirror, Popeye crashes into it and it breaks.
Popeye is hired by Brutus to help build a skyscraper. Wimpy has "bellhop"-type role as part of a skyscraper crew. Popeye can do nothing right -- he inadvertently gives Brutus a beating and gets him into scrapes. It builds up to an all-out fight over the skyscraper -- construction and height gags resulting.
Popeye tells Swee' Pea about a hungry fisherman (Wimpy) who is casting for hamburgers in a forest with a lasso. Wimpy catches a cow (looks live Olive) who grants him three wishes. A mean witch appears and demands payment for 4,011 hamburgers, but Wimpy will not use the wishes. In the following action, one wish produces a hamburger, another fixes it to the witch's nose, and the third ends in a fisherman's mouth. Witch throws Wimpy out of the palace and he asks cow for three more wishes. The cow declines, the prince comes out of the forest and kisses the cow, who is transformed into Princess (Olive) and the fisherman receives the hamburger stand.


Wotasnozzle invents an aging machine. Brutus sees the age machine as his chance to get rid of Popeye. Brutus tricks Popeye into testing the machine but Brutus reverses the dial and Popeye comes out as a 3-year-old boy. Then Brutus destroys the machine. Popeye tries to fight Brutus but he is only three years old. Brutus spanks Popeye and humiliates him. Popeye eats some spinach after many unsuccessful attempts to come back to normal and is restored to normal size and age. Popeye rebuilds the machine and puts Brutus in. In the last scene, Popeye and Olive
are walking down the street pushing a baby buggy. Inside, baby Brutus is crying like an angry child.
Popeye, Olive and Brutus go on a safari in Africa hunting the big game. During the hunt, the three get separated. A female ape chases Brutus. Olive is captured by savages who think she is
a white goddess. Popeye comes to her rescue only to be captured and put in a large pot to boil. His spinach comes to the rescue. Popeye becomes the master of the situation, freeing Olive, and the safari continues.
Popeye buys a do-it-yourself kit and makes a mechanical servant. It continues its mechanical duties all through the night, pouring tea on Popeye, mixing salad in his mouth and tossing
other items. It lights a match, causing Popeye to awaken blowing flames. Popeye ends by putting the mechanical servant in workshop vice. Popeye then does his own house work in an uncomplaining manner.
Olive is a tourist in Hawaii and Popeye and Brutus are tour guides. They fight over who will be the one to show Olive the islands. Olive decides to take two tours, but only pays the guide who gives the best tour.


Popeye receives a telegram that King Blozo is in trouble and goes to Spinachia with Olive to see if he can help him out. He discovers that Spinachia is being besieged with missiles. He takes a missile taxi with Olive and King Blozo to Missile City where the Mad Missile Leader invites them on tour of the city. When the Mad Missile discovers who they are , he puts them in prison and explains that they have only one can of spinach left which is kept in a safe and that they are attacking Spinachia to get the necessary spinach. It contains iron, which missiles must have. Popeye gets the can from the safe , which was left open, and stops the invasion. He feeds some of the spinach to the dying Mad Missile, who quickly recovers. Popeye promises to teach the missiles how to grow their own spinach and the Mad Missile promises that there will be no more invasions. Popeye, Olive and King Blozo leave Missile City as the missiles cheer.
Olive wants to have her picture taken for a fashion magazine and both Popeye and Brutus fight over who will take the pictures. However, in their fighting they break the camera.
Olive and Popeye doze off in their motor boat. A mysterious underwater robber swipes all their fishing and water-skiing gear. An enraged Popeye buys a deep-sea diving suit and there follows a battle royal (above and below water) between Popeye and the thief.
Olive tells Popeye she is going to the beauty parlor and insists that he bay sit with her niece, Diesel. Popeye says he has been working very hard and needs some sleep, but Olive wins. Popeye tries to talk Diesel into taking a nap and starts reading fairy tales to her, but to no avail. Diesel torments Popeye until she finally ties him up. He can't get loose but manages to creep into the kitchen and knock down a can of spinach. But after eating it nothing happens. Diesel tells him that she has changed all the labels on the cans and that she ate the spinach. She becomes strong and unwittingly bops Popeye, knocking him out. While he is in this helpless condition, Diesel dresses him in one of Olive's dresses and puts a wig on him. At this point, Olive comes home and is furious because she has just paid a lot of money at the beauty parlor for her hairdo and Diesel has done the wig in the same style. Olive insists that Popeye is trying to make fun of her and clobbers him. Popeye ends up in the hospital and Olive and Diesel come to visit. Diesel shoots an arrow which cuts the rope holding the sandbags over Popeye's head and knocks him out. Popeye finally gets his much wanted sleep.


Popeye is on the way back to his ship, when he befriends a little puppy that has a can tied to his tail. The pup insists on following Popeye , in spite of his pleas that dogs are not allowed on his ship. After many attempts, he evades the pup, and is on his way again when a dog catcher nabs the pup. Each time Popeye gets the dog away, the dog catcher recaptures it. Finally, with the aid of his spinach, Popeye rescues the pup. At the fade out, Popeye takes the dog with him by tying a raft, with a dog house on it, to the back of the ship.
Popeye and Brutus try to move a piano for Olive. However, halfway through the move, the piano gets away from them and rolls down the street. A policeman sees this and gives Popeye and Brutus a ticket for "reckless piano driving."
Popeye and Brutus have been taking painting lessons. Popeye reads in a magazine that they are having a contest and will pay $1,000 for the best original flower painting. Brutus determines that he will win the money. They fight over an unusual flower they find. Brutus finally ties Popeye to a train track, but Popeye manages to eat a can of spinach at the last minute and escape before the train runs over him. Then he ties the tracks together so they become a circle (with Brutus in the middle) and the train now chases Brutus until Popeye holds up his canvas and Brutus crashes into it. Popeye wins the contest as we see his original painting, which is Brutus with the beautiful flower in his teeth, that the two had been fighting over previously.
Wimpy turns in fire alarms when Olive thinks her hotel is on fire. Fireman Popeye to the rescue. He discovers Brutus' big cigar is making smoke. There follows a series of hook and ladder, water hose gags, etc., during Popeye's attempt to save Olive. He finally gets rid of Brutus and saves Olive.


Popeye and Olive go to Puddleville, the laziest town in the world, to publish a newspaper he bought called the Puddleville Splash. Popeye cannot sell any papers because the inhabitants are too lazy to get an education and cannot read. He builds a schoolhouse for Olive to teach them how to read, so that they can buy his newspapers. But the town bullies, the Bruiser Boys, scare them away and start to tear the schoolhouse down. Popeye dresses up as an old woman and takes care of the Bruiser Boys to prove to the townspeople that even an old lady can stand up to them The people get their education and now being able to read, flock to buy the Puddleville Splash.
Using voo-doo magic, the Sea Hag makes a doll that looks like Popeye and ties its arms with a magic hair. Popeye under the spell cannot lift his arms. The Sea Hag locks the doll in a trunk and has her vulture carry the trunk far away. The Jeep eventually leads Popeye to the trunk, unlocks it and takes the tied-up doll out. He feeds Popeye his spinach so that he could break the magic hair around the doll, but the spell is too strong even for spinach. The Jeep gets an idea and feeds spinach to the doll who eats it and breaks its bounds. Now Popeye's hands are free and he goes back and frees Olive from her spell.
Popeye as "Antony" and Olive as "Cleopatra." Brutus is a corny, old-time type of director in riding boots -- cap on backwards and carrying a megaphone. Brutus makes a play for Olive under the guise of directing love scenes. Popeye doesn't like this. Brutus decides to get rid of Popeye by putting him in very dangerous scenes. During the course of action which includes lions, gorilla, and other dangerous animals. Popeye is overcome. The gorilla's curiosity about a can of spinach causes spinach to pop out into Popeye's gaping mouth, reviving him. Popeye starts cameras running and makes a fast picture of himself giving Brutus what he deserves.
Wimpy eats "grow pills" and becomes a Paul Bunyon-like freak in a carnival. Brutus, the carnival owner, cannot make money on Wimpy -- he eats too many hamburgers. Brutus finally leaves
Wimpy in Popeye's care. Popeye, with the help of Swee' Pea and Swee' Pea's chemistry set, invent a reducing pill to bring Wimpy back to normal.


Poopdeck Pappy is in trouble on his ranch with rustlers. He is facing bankruptcy if the rustling isn't stopped. Popeye volunteers to stand guard to protect the ranch from the rustlers. The villain steals sheep right behind Popeye's back. Popeye finally catches the rustler in the act. The rustler
realizes he's got to get rid of Popeye or the game is over. There follows a series of gags where he lassoes Popeye, throws him off a cliff, etc., only to find Popeye standing behind him. Rustler thinks he is cracking up and charges off into the distance. After the rustler has gone, Popeye reveals that Poopdeck shaved his whiskers off to look like Popeye and together they drove the rustler mad.
Olive Oyl is a reporter sent on assignment to investigate the sighting of a Sea Serpent at Loch Ness. Popeye goes with her unconvinced that such things exist. Sure enough, they discover that it is really Brutus who is tricking people into believing in the monster.
Popeye is reading to Swee' Pea his version of Little Red Riding Hood. Fade into a cartoon of Olive going through a forest with a basket of hamburgers. The Sea Hag is the "wolf'. Wimpy is also
trying to get the hamburgers, but Popeye saves Little Olive Riding Hood from their clutches -- as well as the hamburger.

Opens with Olive dusting time machine. The time machine starts growling and sucks Olive inside. The machine spins out message to Professor -- WE HAVE AN EARTH SPECIMEN FROM YOUR PLANET AND SHE WILL BE PUT ON EXHIBITION. The Professor calls Popeye. Popeye blows his top, eats spinach and asks the Professor to put him on Mars beam. Pan to the top of dome that seals Martian city within. Popeye tries to get in everywhere, but in vain. The Professor calls him back and tells him his last chance is his invisible pills. Popeye sees a hunter go in the dome by giving the magic knock. Invisible Popeye does the same and is admitted. The martians are mystified. Olive is on view inside a transparent dome. A moat surrounds the enclosure. Popeye dives in the moat and we see splashes as he moves to the dome. Popeye throws an iron ball at the guard who thinks his companion guard threw it. The guard walks over to the other guard and hits him. While fight is on, Popeye frees Olive. Closes with Olive dusting chemistry tube. She sneezes and inhales invisible pill. Popeye asks, "Where's Olive?" A voice says "Here I am Popeye." Popeye shrugs.


Popeye and Olive are spectators at a track meet. Olive sees Brutus showing his athletic prowess. Popeye, jealous, hops out on the field to show Olive how a real athlete works. Gags concerning actual Olympic games follow. Finally Popeye buys a spinach burger from the vendor in the spectator's stand and sets new Olympic records that make Brutus look like a chump.
Brutus cooks up a witches potion that turns people into cowards and he gives it to Popeye. Taking advantage of Popeye's cowardly state, Brutus tries to take his place as Olive Oyl's date. However, Popeye finally manages to get hold of some spinach which gives him back his bravery.
Opens with Popeye reading to Swee' Pea about the Trojan Horse. Fade into cartoon of Popeye's version of how Princess Olive Oyl was saved from Brutus by the hero, Popeye, and his Trojan Horse in the days of Troy.
Olive purchases an antique lamp which turns out to be Aladdin's lamp. Sea Hag finds out about this and tries to steal the lamp so she can get the Genie inside to grant her wishes.


Wimpy seems to have come into a large mysterious fortune. Popeye, concerned, trails Wimpy and discovers he has a genuine crystal ball which forecasts the stock market, etc. Brutus, who has also trailed Wimpy, decides to get the crystal ball and use it for his own purposes -- evil naturally. Wimpy reports that his crystal ball has been stolen. Brutus turns up in top hat, big car, cigars, etc. Popeye is certain that Brutus is the culprit. Brutus sees Popeye following him and sets various traps. There is a terrific brawl over the ball and in the fight the ball is smashed. However, Wimpy is not upset. He has set aside some frozen assets for a rainy day -- a bank vault full of frozen hamburgers.
Popeye and Olive have a map for uranium on a desert island. When they arrive on the island they find Brutus has beaten them there. To frighten Popeye away, Brutus dons a gorilla costume and tries to scare Popeye. Since Popeye will not strike a "dumb animal," Brutus works him over before Popeye finally notices the zipper is unzipped in Brutus' costume. When Popeye realizes the gorilla is really Brutus, he gets tough with him. But in chasing Brutus, Popeye runs into a real gorilla. Thinking the real gorilla is Brutus, Popeye starts a fight but comes second best. Finally, Popeye eats his spinach and defeats both the real gorilla and Brutus.
Olive and Popeye at an airfield. Olive wants Popeye to win the championship parachute jump. Brutus tells them he is going to win the trophy. Popeye takes a parachute out of the pack. While he is gone, Brutus jumps first then Popeye. Popeye starts to fall fast, but lands on top of Brutus' parachute. There is a fight and Popeye starts falling again, gets spinach from his pocket and gulps it down. His pipe acts as a helicopter and he sinks slowly to the ground. He lands in the trophy cup and the judge announces Popeye the winner.
The time machine takes us to the Age of Tomorrow setup. Popeye takes Olive and Swee' Pea for a weekend trip to the moon. Swee' Pea gets lost en route and Popeye saves him. When they reach the moon, they find it is a replica of the Earth during the early twentieth century.


King Blozo is threatened with dethronement by his Spinachivian subjects. They want Swee' Pea as their king. Blozo commands his royal mad scientist Professor O.G. Wattasnozzle to make him as lovable as Swee' Pea. Popeye just barely saves Swee' Pea from being converted into soup and Blozo from losing his throne.
Popeye is prospecting for gold in the old West. When Popeye makes a strike, Brutus dresses as an Indian and puts up a sign saying INDIAN RESERVATION. Popeye refuses to turn over his claim to a bewildered Indian. Big Indian war is on between Popeye and Brutus. Popeye resorts to his spinach and Brutus offers to "smoke the peace pipe."
Popeye is a ranger protecting a huge tree marked "Monument Fer Duh People." Brutus, the woodsman, tries to cut it down. He starts digging, but Popeye moves the tree to a safer place. Brutus uses dynamite and blows tree into a million boards. Popeye puts it back together, eats his spinach and knocks Brutus to the Capitol Building with a note pinned on his shirt -- "Dis Brutus is Chopping a Monument Tree, Lock Him Up." Popeye takes large hypodermic marked spinach juice and injects it in the tree. The tree wakes up and everyone cheers "Hooray for Popeye the Ranger."
A small town in the Alaskan Klondike is being menaced by "Alice the Goon" -- a terrible monster who puts such fear into people that they turn white. Popeye tries to catch Alice and does so by promising her a movie contract. In exchange for this, Alice gives Popeye her hat for Olive Oyl.


Popeye and Brutus have been away at sea for six months. When they return to Olive Oyl, they discover she has put on a tremendous amount of weight. Popeye tries to help Olive by putting her on a diet and getting her to use reducing machines, but Brutus keeps counteracting Popeye's good deeds by feeding Olive chocolates, malteds and other fattening foods.
Popeye receives a mysterious package containing some highly scented shaving lotion. Thinking that Olive has sent him a gift, he puts some on and goes to thank her. However, the lotion has some strange effect on everyone Popeye meets and when three villains rob the bank, the guards beat up Popeye instead of chasing the robbers. He discovers who sent the lotion. By pouring some of it on the leader, Popeye causes the villains to fight amongst themselves, making it easy to round them up.
Olive Oyl is expecting company and wants her house re-wallpapered. Popeye offers to do it but gets into a dreadful mess. Then Brutus comes along and tries to help and only makes things worse. With only one minute to go before company arrives, Popeye uses his spinach to give him the speed he needs to get the job done.
Popeye and Wimpy are in darkest India. They learn that a native village is terrified of a man-eating tiger named Tonga. Popeye wants to capture Tonga in the jungle. Tonga grabs Wimpy off the turtle on which they're riding. Popeye tries to rescue Wimpy by decoying the tiger with hamburger, which Wimpy grabs first. They escape to the turtle's shell for the night. The next morning, Popeye attempts to capture the tiger by forcing him out of the lair with dynamite and into bear traps. The tiger throws the dynamite back, and Popeye and Wimpy are trapped in bear clamps. They beg the turtle for help. The turtle is too slow and the dynamite blows.


Popeye, Swee' Pea, and Olive Oyl are spending a day at the beach when Swee' Pea asks Popeye why the air is salty. Popeye's explanation involves himself and the Sea Hag. In the story, Popeye lands on Sea Hag Island and frees the slaves kept by the Hag. A magic grinder is given to him by the grateful slaves. The hag steals the grinder and requests it to produce money, but because of her rudeness it only yields salt. In anger, she throws it into the sea. A mermaid (Olive) explains the plight of the grinder and Popeye recovers it. He orders it to beat at the hag with boxing gloves, which it does thoroughly.
Olive Oyl purchases a ring from a street vendor not realizing it has magical powers that help her predict the future. When she starts to receive visions about events still to happen, she believes she is a clairvoyant.
While telling the story of Paul Revere to Swee' Pea, Popeye changes it so slightly to give it his own interpretation. Instead of Paul Revere, it was Popeye's Great-Great-Great-Grand Pappy Poop Deck who made the famous ride.
Popeye is transported by the time machine to the center of the Coliseum in Rome, 65 A.D. Brutus Nero, emperor, is annoyed by his girlfriend's (Olive) interest in Popeye. He makes Popeye battle gladiators, lions, and elephants. Popeye gets mad, beats up Nero and becomes the new emperor. Nero avenges by burning Rome. Popeye returns to the present, his hart charred to a crisp.


Olive asks Popeye to mind Swee' Pea while she goes to the beauty parlor. Popeye has difficulty keeping Swee' Pea amused when a package arrives for him. Opening it, Popeye finds Eugene, the Jeep, which is a birthday present. While he puts the Jeep through some magical tricks that the note explains, Swee' Pea crawls out of the house. When Popeye discovers that Swee' Pea is missing, he employs the Jeep to find him. The jeep leads him on a wild goose chase and he saves Swee' Pea from a precarious spot. Unbeknownst to him, the Jeep takes Swee' Pea home. Olive comes back, and finding Swee' Pea alone, blames Popeye for it when he zips back to the house.
Popeye has a very peculiar day with all kinds of strange things happening to him. First, Sea Hag tries to kidnap him, then Wimpy offers to buy him lunch. In addition, Popeye gets examined by a doctor and is told he has "flablutus of the Diablutus." On top of that, he sees Olive going to the movies with Brutus. He eventually discovers it's all to get him to a certain address where he is told that "this is his day.
Popeye is to be honoured at a dinner for his brave deeds, but Brutus becomes jealous and tries to besmirch Popeye's outstanding record.
Popeye shows Swee' Pea a picture of himself, Olive and Brutus when they were small. He says that he was called the Ugly Ducklin'. He says that Brutus always beats on him. So he leaves home in a boat and lands on a small island inhabited by goons. But the goons kick him off the island because he is so ugly. He sails to the Sea Hag Islands. She tries to make Popeye a pirate but he refuses. She locks him up and tortures him by making him east sea spinach. The spinach makes him stronger and he escapes much stronger and more handsome. He beats up Brutus, and Olive falls in love with him. He is offered a movie contract.


Popeye gives Swee' Pea a "Whistlin' Willie" doll as a toy. But when he loses his whistle, Popeye has to run all over town trying to find it.
Popeye and Olive discover a secret cave full of magical precious gems. Olive becomes greedy and wants to take some of them, but Popeye thinks there is something suspicious about all of this. Sure enough, hidden dangers lie ahead on the exit from the cave. Even when they are able to overcome these dangers and manage to escape the cave, the jewels lose their magic and turn into pictures.
Popeye and Brutus take part in a race around the world to win a barrel full of money. However, when they make it back to the finish line after numerous mishaps, Brutus is declared the winner and wins the barrel of money which contains 575, 928 lead pazoozas, which are only worth about two dollars.
Popeye is telling a story to Swee' Pea about a little boy (Swee' Pea) who had a penny for candy; a lady (Olive) who is going to town to buy a hat, and a sailor (Popeye) who is going to town to buy spinach. Brutus has put a sign at bridge -- "Troll Bridge.” He stops Swee' Pea and then Olive and they both tell him a sailor is coming along who will pay their troll. Popeye arrives and refuses to pay. Brutus pulls the lever and flips Popeye back to shore. He tries many different ways to cross and finally ends in water. He comes up with water spinach, eats it, and spins the bridge completely around. The little hut spins off the bridge and lands sideways with Brutus in it. Popeye puts the "Troll Bridge" sign in hand like a sail and blows Brutus out of sight down stream.


Popeye and Olive are on a date at the local museum and see knights on exhibit. When Brutus buts in and they start to fight over Olive, she suggests they have a jousting tournament to settle their argument.
Sea Hag plots to kidnap Popeye and imprison him on her island so she is free to do her evil deeds. However, she knows the only way to capture Popeye is to entice Olive Oyl onto her island. After she has done that, she confuses Popeye with a robot replica of Olive to try to get him into the prison, but the robot takes a liking to Popeye and helps him escape.
Olive teases Popeye that he's getting old and that she would like to go out with someone younger. Brutus overhears and asks Sea Hag to give him a youth potion to make him look young and handsome. She does so and Olive falls for his new appearance until she finds out who it really is.
Popeye is transported back in time to the days of Christopher Columbus before he sets sail across the Atlantic. While in the process of drinking toasts to the crew, Queen Olivola, and the success of the mission, Popeye (Columbus) gets a terrible case of hiccoughs. Nothing anyone tries works. While Popeye is preoccupied with trying to cure his hiccoughs, Brutus tries to lead the crew in mutant against the voyage.


Popeye tells Swee' Pea the story of "Popeye Thumb" after some kids tease Swee' Pea about being so small. The moral of his story is "always eat your spinach" so you'll be big and strong.
Popeye and Olive Oyl are planning a quiet barbeque just between themselves and Swee' Pea when Brutus decides to invite himself. When Wimpy smells the hamburgers that Popeye is preparing he also decides to join in. Soon, the quiet little barbeque is turned into a big party.
Popeye, having volunteered to undergo an eight day series of tests for the government, discovers that in his absence, Brutus plans to wine and dine Olive. Imprisoned in the test rocket and unable to stop Brutus, Popeye's increasingly heated anger causes his canned spinach to explode, which sends the rocket zooming into space at faster than the speed of light. This causes Popeye to move 8 days forward in space time in a matter of one hour Earth time. When he returns with the tests completed, Brutus finds that he has spent only minutes with Olive.
Popeye arrives at Olive's house to take her for a walk. She refuses and rides off with Brutus in his new car. Popeye goes to Wimpy's used car lot, and Wimpy sells him a car. Popeye gets involved in various power equipment-windows, seat automatic curb feeler, power snack bar, etc. Popeye then goes to Wimpy's driving school, graduates and ends up on the freeway. After many close calls, he ends up at Olive's house, backs into Brutus' car, has a fight with Brutus. In the final scene, Popeye drives off with Olive.


Popeye is sent back in time to the time of The Boston Tea Party. The local residents are fed up with being overtaxed, so they plot to throw the tea overboard into the sea.
Professor Wotasnozzle's time machine takes Popeye back to cavemen days . . . Popeye rescues Olive from clutches of Caveman Brutus ... Running gag of Caveman Wimpy trying to catch a cow. As soon as Popeye rescues Olive, he is returned to the present.
Wimpy is extremely hungry but has no money for hamburgers. Instead he catches the magical Wiffle Bird and threatens to eat it. However, the bird puts a spell on Wimpy to the effect that he will turn into a wolf every time he says the word "hamburger."
Popeye objects to the bullfighter abusing a little bull. He gets in the middle between the torero and a fierce bull. With a little spinach, Popeye cleans up the bullring and rescues Olive.


Popeye has a trained flea act. Olive is watching the show with Brutus and raving about it, so Brutus decides to wreck the act. He sends a dog on stage who takes off with the fleas. Popeye chases the dog, who is eventually caught by the dog-catcher. Popeye pretends to be a dog and gets himself picked up by the dog-catcher. He manages to get his fleas back. However, when he gets back to the theatre, he finds that all the commotion has worn out the fleas and that they are too tired to perform. He feeds them a miniature can of spinach and they are better than ever before.
Popeye and Brutus compete in various events at a county fair. However, when Popeye finds out that Brutus has been cheating , he enlists the aid of spinach to win the fair.
Popeye and Brutus are rowing into each other. After a few words, Brutus asks Popeye to be his skin diving buddy. Popeye agrees. Popeye finds an ancient western sea cow town. Popeye finds gold, Brutus takes half, then hits Popeye and takes Popeye's share. Wimpy is fishing and catches Brutus on his line. The episode ends with Wimpy having his picture taken with Brutus hanging beside him like a big whale.
Olive brings Brutus with her inadvertently when she visits Popeye at his lighthouse. Popeye tries to shake Brutus. He finally does, only to have Olive leave too. There is then a shark threat. Brutus saves himself. Popeye fights off shark and saves Olive.


Olive convinces Popeye to become a white collar worker. Popeye is hired as an insurance agent. His first assignment is to sell a policy to a stunt man. Popeye follows him on all his stunts, trying to get him to listen to his pitch. Popeye is getting the worst of it. The stunt man is so happy he did not have to take the falls himself, he signs the policy. The episode ends with Popeye bandaged from head to toe being wheeled into the insurance office by Olive to tell the boss he made the sale.
The Sea Hag is once again plotting against Popeye when she hopes to steal a treasure map he has hidden in his house.
Olive is planning to entertain an old schoolmate. In order to impress him, she asks Popeye to be her butler for the occasion. The schoolmate turns out to be none other than Brutus who tries to get fresh with Olive.
On a picnic outing, Popeye's car has a flat tire. Olive is upset and starts looking for butterflies while Popeye tries to get the flat tire fixed. A bull chases Olive. Popeye is handicapped by a tire rim wedged around his fanny while trying to save Olive. He finally does. The bull then catches a butterfly for Olive. They all have a picnic together.


Olive has a lovebird named Juliet who is very lonely, so she asks Popeye to find the bird a mate. Popeye buys another lovebird which he calls Romeo, but the bird escapes and Popeye has to try and recapture it.
Popeye takes up the art of skin diving to hunt for buried treasure. He meets underwater creatures including the mermaid Olive. He saves her from the clutches of another skindiver -- Brutus.
The Maharanee Olive and her pet tiger Tootsie come to stay at the hotel where Popeye and Brutus work as bellhops. Pandemonium breaks out when the tiger escapes.

While reading POPEYE'S MECHANICS magazine, Popeye gets an idea to build a "do-it-yourself' swimming pool. He borrows his tools back from his next-door neighbor, Brutus, and starts in. Brutus sneakily changes the property line fence, and Popeye unknowingly builds most of the pool in Brutus' yard. Olive and Wimpy keep dropping in to check the pool progress. When the pool is finally completed, Brutus discloses the pool is in his yard, and after a fight between Popeye and Brutus, Brutus is forced to dig a hole in Popeye's backyard and put the pool back.


Popeye tries to cure Wimpy of his hamburger habit after he discovers Wimpy gorging on them at the Sea Hag's hamburger joint. He takes Wimpy to Hamburger's Anonymous to cure him, but Sea Hag, furious that she has lost her best customer, plots to foil Popeye's plan to cure Wimpy.
When Popeye is tricked into babysitting for Swee' Pea, he decides to tell him a story about where Olive's perfume comes from. However, Popeye's tale of obtaining Ambergris perfume from whales upsets Swee' Pea and he bursts into tears just as Olive returns home.
Wimpy tries to cajole Brutus into buying him some hamburgers by making him believe they're best friends. When Brutus realizes what he is up to, he becomes angry. Not wishing to be beaten up, Wimpy runs off and finds some vanishing cream which he uses so that Brutus can never find him.
Brutus is looking at TV and sees Olive Oyl win $10,000 in a contest. He quickly dresses as a Texan and tries to sell Olive a phony oil well. Popeye is suspicious and keeps interfering to keep her from signing the contract. Brutus takes her to see the well which is rigged up to a little can of oil. When Olive sees the oil coming up from the well, she is determined to buy it in spite of Popeye's protests. When Popeye finally uncovers the rigged well, he gets into a fight with Brutus. After getting the worst of it, Popeye eats his spinach and socks Brutus up into the air. He lands on top of the derrick driving the pipe deep into the ground, causing a tremendous gusher to come out of the well, and leaving Brutus bouncing up and down on top of the gusher. Popeye sings to Olive, "Oil's well that end's well, with Olive Oyl's oil well, says Popeye the Sailorman . . toot . . toot.”


Popeye and Olive enter Swee'Pea in a baby contest. Wimpy is the judge. Brutus enters his tough kid and sneakily aids him to play dirty tricks on Swee' Pea to win the competing events, but Popeye straightens things out in time in a gangway for Swee' Pea to win. Brutus finally tries to bribe the judge with hamburgers when it is time to pick the winner. Popeye protests and a fight starts. When Popeye attempts to eat his spinach, Brutus knocks the can out of the scene. Swee' Pea gets the can and eats the spinach, and knocks Brutus and his kid off. They land in a baby carriage and roll along in a pan. Fade out on Swee' Pea pushing his baby carriage with the silver loving cup resting on his chest.
Brutus corners the spinach market. Prices soar and Popeye is not able to get spinach. He weakens progressively as he searches for Brutus' spinach warehouse. He outwits Brutus, gets spinach and uncorners the market.
Open on Popeye and Brutus fighting over Olive. Olive stops the fight -- tries to improve Popeye's culture by having him become a bird watcher. Various birdlife give Popeye a bad time, but he persists being gentle until Brutus steals Olive. He then beats up Brutus and saves Olive.
Popeye and Brutus both apply for a job as the assistant to the Head Zoo Keeper, who happens to be Olive Oyl. In order to choose who would be the best assistant, Olive puts them both to the test. When Popeye wins the job, Brutus becomes angry and tries to ruin Popeye's job.


Popeye and Olive drive in to Brutus' filling station for gas. Popeye goes to wash up while Brutus puts gas in the car and tries to make a play for Olive. He tells her he doesn't intend to be a grease monkey all his life because his ambition is to be a songwriter. He flatters her through gag song titles and she falls for it. When Popeye returns, Brutus looks under the hood of the car and messes up the wiring. Popeye and Olive drive off going up Suicide Hill. About halfway up, the car conks out and rolls back down to the foot of the hill. Brutus comes along in his tow truck and offers to tow the car. On the pretense that Olive will be safer with him in the tow truck, he leaves Popeye in the car and starts to tow it. At the top of the hill, he unhooks Popeye's car, leaving it to roll down the hill as he rides off with Olive. Popeye eats his spinach, and zipping behind the car, pushes it back up the hill after them. Catching up to the tow truck, there is a wild scrimmage. When the smoke clears, Popeye is riding with Olive in the cab of the tow truck, and Brutus is hanging by the seat of his pants from the derrick in back.
Lumberjack Popeye takes Olive to the forest to show her what a great tree cutter he is. Brutus not only hijacks Popeye's trees, but Olive as well. A fight ensues. Popeye temporarily loses, and is tied to a log headed for the saw mill with Olive. Popeye gets his spinach and saves both himself and Olive. He sends Brutus over the falls.
Brutus purchases a robot which looks like Popeye. He uses it to trick Olive into getting mad at Popeye so that he can get a date with her. Popeye catches on and proves to Olive that it was a robot.
Popeye is a lifeguard and all the girls on the beach are falling all over him. Olive is jealous and tries to get his attention by diving off a pier and yelling help! Popeye rescues her and is very angry because she took him away from all the girls. Olive takes off again on a plastic horse. Popeye cannot catch her. She runs into Brutus and goes rowing with him so she can make Popeye jealous. When Brutus tries to kiss Olive, she hits him with a paddle. Brutus ties her up and she yells help! Popeye comes to the rescue. The fight begins. Popeye winds Brutus up and sends him through the water like a torpedo. The episode closes with Popeye and Olive rowing. When Olive goes overboard, Popeye reels her in, saying, "It's funny wid all the fish in the sea, I guess I's stuck wid Olive!"


When Olive criticizes Popeye, he goes to college. Professor Brutus uses tricks on Popeye to explain the laws of physics. Finally beating Popeye, Brutus goes for Olive, but Popeye gets his spinach out in time to straighten things out.
Olive complains to Popeye that he is not romantic anymore. He answers, "I yam a man's man an' only sissies are romantical!" Olive contrives to use Wimpy to make Popeye jealous. She lures Wimpy with hamburgers and he makes a big play for her to keep getting more hamburgers. At first, Popeye laughs at Wimpy's insincere lovemaking, but when it seems Olive really is impressed, he becomes madly jealous. He challenges Wimpy to a duel and Wimpy chooses the weapons: a knife and fork for an eating duel. Olive frantically cooks the hamburgers for the duel which Wimpy devours with relish. Popeye cannot keep up with him and he finally has to give up. When Wimpy hears that Olive has run out of food, he concedes the match, saying "True love wins out, Olive is indeed your girl!" He leaves. Olive and Popeye are both pooped as Popeye says, "Olive the next time yo decides to make me jealous, give me notice so's that I can diets for it!"
Popeye has a thriving medicine show business where he sells bottles of spinach juice -- which is guaranteed to bring back a person's vim and vigor and prevent sunburn, windburn and moonburn! However, Brutus is jealous of Popeye's success and tries to prove the elixir is no good.
The Sea Hag has stolen Eugene, the Jeep. Popeye, together with Olive, Wimpy, and Swee' Pea, are on a ship loaded with food. They are off to the rescue, searching the high seas. The Sea Hag follows Popeye in her sub, with an evil plan to remove all the spinach from Popeye's ship and then do away with the spinachless -- thus defenseless -- Popeye. Popeye doesn't find any spinach, but some "Jeep Food" helps him save the Jeep, and the day.


Popeye is the star of a show on board Olive Oyl's showboat. Brutus is the stagehand who is jealous of Popeye's fame. Brutus plots to jinx the show and embarrass Popeye.
In Egypt, Popeye, Olive and Wimpy are walking across the desert in bathing suits carrying an umbrella, a ball and baskets of food. Olive is looking for a beach, assuming that they are in Atlantic City. Popeye is dubious, especially since they took such a long ferry ride to get there. Olive thinks the Sphinx is a fun house. Deciding to go no further, they start a fire to cook hamburgers while Olive goes off to find the ocean. Popeye is jumped by Egyptians and carried through a secret entrance in the Sphinx. He discovers that Olive has been made a desert goddess. Popeye tries to get Olive to leave, but she loves her new position. When she discovers what they have in mind, Popeye tries Popeye tries to save her, there follows actions with mummies, daddies and a few crocodiles. However, he saves Olive and returns to picnic to find that Wimpy has eaten everything.
Poopdeck Pappy is visiting Popeye and Olive when he hears a mysterious tune. He tells Popeye and Olive a strange story of when he was a young "swab" and he fell in love with Rose of The Sea. However, Rose turns out to be none other than the Sea hag and Poopdeck runs away from her. Sea Hag has been looking for Poopdeck Pappy for eighty years and now has finally found him and vows revenge.
Popeye teaches Olive Oyl and Swee' Pea how to fish. Swee' Pea becomes so proficient at fishing that he finally ends up catching a whale!


Popeye's desire to swim in a northwoods stream is thwarted by a pair of eager, dam-building beavers. A battle of wits ensues between the beavers and Popeye, who tries in every way to open the dam and release the water. The beavers win and Popeye, who cannot lick'em, joins `em for a swim in the beaver-created reservoir.
Popeye, Olive and Swee' Pea are on a skiing vacation in the French Alps. Their guide is a St. Bernard dog. Olive refuses to ski because she is afraid of mining her new raccoon coat, so the rest of the party go off without her. Mysteriously, Olive's coat is stolen. She discovers a trail of footprints and sets off to find her coat. When Popeye, Swee' Pea, and the dog return, they start looking for Olive. They find her a captive of the abominable snowman, who suffers so much from colds every winter that he stole Olive's coat to get warm. He also captures Popeye and Swee' Pea, but the dog gets away and comes back with a can of spinach, which Olive eats. She beats up the snowman, frees her friends and gets her coat back. However, she has a change of heart when the snowman starts sneezing and shivering and gives him her coat after all.
A family album tale told to Swee' Pea by Popeye about Great-Grandpappy Poopdeck Popeye who signed up to captain a prairie schooner, only to discover it was a wagon train and not a ship. The episode follows the adventures of this sea-faring man as he crosses the country by wagon train.
A young girl (Olive) lives in the woods and she has a sailor sweetheart (Popeye). She sings songs and wants someone to take her dancing, but he is too poor. She takes a walk in the woods and meets Sea Hag who trades a pair of her dancing shoes for a sea shell, a shark's tooth and a can of sea spinach. The shoes dance and she cannot stop. Her sailor boyfriend grabs spinach, defeats the witch and removes the red shoes, which keep dancing. Fade as Olive, who is slung over boyfriend's shoulder, sings she would rather romance than dance.


Popeye and Olive drive in to Brutus' filling station for gas. Popeye goes to wash up while Brutus puts gas in the car and tries to make a play for Olive. He tells her he doesn't intend to be a grease monkey all his life because his ambition is to be a songwriter. He flatters her through gag song titles and she falls for it. When Popeye returns, Brutus looks under the hood of the car and messes up the wiring. Popeye and Olive drive off going up Suicide Hill. About halfway up, the car conks out and rolls back down to the foot of the hill. Brutus comes along in his tow truck and offers to tow the car. On the pretense that Olive will be safer with him in the tow truck, he leaves Popeye in the car and starts to tow it. At the top of the hill, he unhooks Popeye's car, leaving it to roll down the hill as he rides off with Olive. Popeye eats his spinach, and zipping behind the car, pushes it back up the hill after them. Catching up to the tow truck, there is a wild scrimmage. When the smoke clears, Popeye is riding with Olive in the cab of the tow truck, and Brutus is hanging by the seat of his pants from the derrick in back.
Popeye and Olive are driving in the country when it starts to rain. They seek shelter in a house haunted by some beatnik ghosts. The ghosts have fun with them by pulling tricks until they have Popeye knocked out. Olive feeds Popeye his spinach and he zips out, lifts the house up from its foundation and shakes the ghosts out. They run off in a panic as Popeye sings the Popeye song.
Wimpy, a short-order cook at hamburger wagon, leaves Popeye in charge while he goes to the bank. Olive is the waitress. Popeye makes himself a "sandwich" and reads the paper. The villains enter and wreck the place. Popeye is unconcerned until they make a pass at Olive, then he goes into action -- into an all-out battle. He boots the characters out of the lunch wagon and saves Olive.
Popeye, while bathing Swee' Pea, tells his story of building the first steamboat. After many failures, the first successful boat was named "Popeye's Folly." Brutus, the captain of the windjammer, challenges "Folly" to a race and uses many underhanded methods to win. Having used all fuel aboard, Popeye chops up wooden parts of his boat, but must resort to throwing spinach in the boiler. This wins the race, and Brutus, humiliated, sails out to sea.


Olive tells Popeye that she is through with him unless he gets an education. Popeye enrolls in school and he is placed in the eighth grade. Each time he attempts to answer a question in class, he is demoted, until he finally winds up in kindergarten. Here he is asked to spell "CAT." In desperation, he eats his spinach and spells it right. When Olive meets him after school, he brags that getting an education was very easy - - he went through the whole school in one day.
Brutus convinces Olive that Popeye must be cured of fighting over the least provocation and he recommends a psychiatrist. When Popeye comes to visit Olive, she drags him in a confused state to the doctor. The psychiatrist's diagnosis is that spinach is the cause of his "fighting neurosis." When Popeye reluctantly throws away his can of spinach the professor reveals himself to be Brutus and proceeds to beat the daylights out of Popeye. Olive feeds Popeye the spinach in the nick of time and turns the tables on Brutus.
Popeye tries to teach Swee' Pea and Diesel about the importance of good sportsmanship and playing games according to the rules. Brutus, however, likes to make up his own rules and they are not always fair. However, Popeye challenges Brutus and beats him at his own game with the aid of his spinach.
Popeye is about to go out to mail Olive a birthday card when he hears a radio announcement that a flying saucer has been sighted over the city. Popeye continues with his task to mail the card but he does not realize that the mail-box he has just posted Olive's card in is really the flying saucer.


Swee' Pea is cutting his first tooth and Pappy is babysitting him for Popeye. Pappy decides to give Swee' Pea a lesson in dental hygiene and tells him a story of what happened to him when he entered a "teeth" contest.
Olive decides that Popeye needs some culture so she takes him to the Art Museum. There he develops a taste for modern art and decides to try his hand at sculpting ... with disastrous results.
A man convinces Popeye that he is Swee' Pea's real father and Popeye is forced to let him go. Popeye lapses into a wild mental state on the loss of Swee' Pea which the screwy doctor diagnoses as "Melankonkus." Meanwhile, it is revealed that the man concocted his story to obtain Swee' Pea to aid him in his dangerous circus act. Swee' Pea manages to escape and get back to Popeye who now snaps out of his "Melankonkus."
Brutus, "the most feared desperado of the early west," robs a train and comes to a town called GRAVESTONE FLATS, where he tangles with Popeye, the Sheriff. Popeye vows to get Brutus, when he discovers the desperado has shot Swee' Pea's lollipop stick out from under his lollipop. A furious brawl starts at one end of the town and ends up at the other with Popeye resorting to spinach in between --finally bringing Brutus to justice, following a spectacular fist fight.


Brutus in the ruse "Madame Salami" tries to get rid of Popeye by making Olive believe Popeye must do all sorts of impossible feats to prove his love for her. He does these feats and discovers the fortune teller is Brutus. And Olive declares to Popeye, "How could I ever have doubted you?"
Olive is a sculptress and advertises for a model. Popeye and Brutus start showing off, each one claiming to be stronger than the other. Olive tells them that she doesn't want either one of them. Her statue is titled "Pooped" and she wants a rundown, beatup model. Popeye and Brutus then each try to get run over, jump out windows, etc., but they always manage to save each other until Olive jumps out and sees Brutus and says, "Oh what a mess. I want you for my model." Popeye's hand comes out from underneath Brutus and forces a can of spinach into his mouth -- at which point Brutus gets the atomic surge that usually comes over Popeye after he has eaten spinach. He starts pasting Popeye until he is such a mess that Olive changes her mind and tells Popeye that he is the perfect model for her masterpiece.
Popeye investigates sightings of the abominable snowman. He finds they are just tourist attractions.
A take-off on tournament golf with Popeye and Brutus competing against each other. Also in the foursome is Wimpy (who can never hit the ball) and Olive (who knows nothing about golf). Series of golf gags resulting from "PLAY THE BALL WHERE IT LIES" to the misfortune of both Popeye and Brutus trying to outwit each other. Olive wins the game on a freak setup.


Popeye is reading to Swee' Pea a Japanese true-fairy story. A rich bandit chieftain (Brutus) barters with her uncle (Wimpy) for Butter Oyl's (Olive's) hand. Princess Butter Oyl sings from Temple to passing Samurai Warrior (Popeye) and he promises to save her. Brutus tricks Wimpy with 47 courses of hamburger which have been treated with "hamburger off." Wimpy realizes too late he has been tricked. Popeye attempts to save Princess from Temple but falls in Royal Spinach Garden. With the aid of Spinach Sukiyaki, he recovers and rescues Princess and returns 47-course hamburger-yaki to the Mandarin.
Popeye and Brutus are once again fighting over who should have the honour of escorting Olive Oyl on a date. She challenges them to do something useful instead of fighting, such as discovering the North Pole and bringing it back for her. The boys set out to do just that with the inevitable results.
The Wiffle Hen has magical powers in its tail to grant any wish to anyone rubbing its tail feathers -- like a wish to be back in Ye Good Old Days. The wish comes true and Popeye and Wimpy find themselves in a king's palace that is besieged by Olaf, the cruel magician. Everyone is afraid to fight Olaf. The reward is the King's daughter in marriage. Popeye offers to fight, while Wimpy goes out to find a huge feast. Olaf, the magician, is a funny little guy until the fight starts, then he magically changes into all sorts of fighting animals and finally, into a fierce giant, which is his true shape. Wimpy weaves in and out of the combat chasing food. Popeye is in trouble until he eats spinach, then he is victorious. He gets his hero's reward, the King's daughter, who turns out to be the ugliest woman in the world. Just as the daughter is ready to embrace Popeye, Wimpy catches a chicken that turns out to be a Wiffle Hen. A quick rub on the hen's feathers, a quick wish, and they are both happily back in modern times.
Popeye, as the custodian of a museum, gets involved with a picture-snatching thief (Brutus) and a dinosaur that keeps falling to pieces (Jeep likes the bones). Olive helps Popeye put the dinosaur together. And with the help of Jeep, Popeye captures the thief (after a chase through the museum) and saves the painting for Professor What-A-Schnozzle.


Wimpy wants pizza on credit. Brutus wants a pizza that Popeye does not make. He uses an assembly-line pizza making machine with resulting gags. There is a fight between Brutus and Popeye over pizza. Brutus is made into Pizza Bread Man. Wimpy ends up paying cash for his pizza.
Popeye runs a gas station featuring many free services. Customers want only free services, including Brutus, who sees Olive (another free customer), and tries to get a date with her. Popeye rescues Olive from Brutus.
It is Olive Oyl's birthday. When Popeye asks her what she would like as a present, she chooses a pearl necklace. However, Popeye decides that the stores charge too much for them and tries to make his own by diving for his own pearls.
Swee' Pea befriends a mystical creature called Jeep who can answer any questions. Popeye's arch enemies -- Brutus and Sea Hag -- plot to kidnap the Jeep and make him tell them where gold is hidden. However, Jeep tricks them by drawing a map which causes Brutus and the Hag to dig right into jail.


The big ball game between the Spinach Street AC (Popeye's the pitcher) vs. The Boilmaker Boys (Brutus and his gang) with Wimpy as umpire . . . Olive is rooting for Popeye. Popeye's zany pitching and Brutus' wild hits and misses turns the championship game into a holocaust.
Popeye and Wimpy go to the woods for peace and quiet. Wimpy wants to cook hamburgers. Popeye says "No, go to sleep." Wimpy sleeps soundly dreaming of hamburgers. Popeye cannot sleep. Sounds of the woods, animals roar, mosquitoes keep him awake. Finally, Popeye yells SILENCE, everything is quiet and he goes to sleep. Wimpy awakens, starts a fire and cooks mushroom burgers. The fire gets out of control. Popeye awakens, eats spinach and stomps out the fire. He explains to Wimpy what can happen to the woods by being careless. Wimpy learns a lesson and cooks only where fires are permitted.
Popeye is dressed as a spaceman and is on his way to Olive's costume party, when he is picked up by the police who have been told by the mischievous Brutus to watch for a man from outer space. Meanwhile, Brutus sees a real spaceman and, mistaking him for Popeye, beats him up. To avenge this deed, the spacemen attack the earth. Only with Brutus' help can Popeye, who has escaped the police, send the intruders zooming back to their native planet.
Popeye is transporting a cargo of hamburgers on his ship. Wimpy offers to guard them, so Popeye has the magical Whiffle Bird cast a spell on him so he won't eat the hamburgers. However, Sea Hag has other ideas and she plots to take over Popeye's ship by casting another spell on Wimpy.


Olive and Popeye drive for an outing in the mountains and meet up with the McGoofs and the Hitchfields feuding and get themselves involved. Popeye eventually bests both clans and stops the feud.
Popeye comes to the rescue of Olive when she is captured by a mechanical man in a flying saucer. His handling of the controls makes for a wild ride home.
Brutus finds out that Popeye has a date to take Olive bowling. Brutus rushes over to Olive's house to tell her Popeye has a date with a blonde and that he asked him to keep the date with Olive. Popeye arrives in the nick of time and Brutus laughs it off as a gag. While Popeye is teaching Olive how to bowl, Brutus messes things up -- unbeknownst to them -- until Popeye catches him in the act. Popeye eats his spinach, chases and catches Brutus. Popeye shapes Brutus into a bowling ball which Popeye throws and knocks over a row of ashcans.
It is Swee' Pea's birthday and Olive has his presents hidden in a closet. But Swee' Pea's curiosity is too much for him and he tries to peek. To cure Swee' Pea of sneaking and peeking, Olive tells him a story of the bad things that can happen to you when peeking at things you shouldn't.


Popeye (having trouble putting Swee' Pea to sleep) tells him a bedtime story of how he once sung baby whales to sleep. The bedtime story is about the ship, Morpheus, its skipper, Captain Brutus, and Popeye, the harpoonist. Popeye refuses to harpoon a big mama who shipwrecks the Morpheus. Swee' Pea wants to know how Popeye got off the island. Olive Oyl intercedes saying, "That's another whale of a story."
While fishing, Popeye gets a bite that drags him out of the boat and all through the seven seas. He finally loses the fish in the Eighth Sea. Tired out, he crawls ashore and falls asleep. He awakens to find himself tied to a large cart pulled by 20 miniature horses. The tiny king of Lilliput on his chest accuses him of being a spy from Belefscue sent to stamp them out. When Popeye convinces the King that he is just a plain sailor, the King enlists him to head the Lilliputian Navy to stamp out and destroy Belefscue. The wee King of Belefscue attacks with his navy and Popeye wades out knee deep and captures him. Grabbing the Lilliputian King, he holds them both on his open hands before him and threatens to stomp them both if they do not shake hands and make peace. They hurriedly grab each other's hands and shake vigorously. Popeye sails away in a tiny boat amid the cheers of the little people from both countries. The two kings, with their arms around each other's shoulders, wave to him.
Brutus as a cattle rustler goes to Wimpy's chuck wagon for breakfast and wants ham and eggs. Wimpy has only burgers so Brutus tries to swipe eggs from Popeye's chicken ranch. Popeye intercedes, but gets the worst of it. Brutus is now off to town with his eggs to buy a skillet. There he meets Olive, proprietress of the General Store, and makes a play for her. Popeye comes to the general store to sell his eggs, sees Brutus annoying Olive and challenges Brutus, the quickest draw in the West, after outsmarting him by pouring molasses on his gun holster. Brutus comes out second best in the duel but engages Popeye in a tussle. Popeye gets his spinach and out-bests Brutus. Olive rides off with Popeye in a chicken ranch wagon.
Popeye and Professor Undervasser are searching for the lost watery kingdom of "Bubble-On." Brutus, the bathyscape professor's greedy assistant, is more interested in the Bubble-On treasure than any scientific discoveries. Only when Popeye discovers that the secret "ingrediment" of the professor's air pills is spinach, is he able to foil the robber's deed.


When Brutus sees fans gathering around Popeye to ask for autographs, etc., he becomes jealous and tries to show he's also a hero, However, when a lion breaks loose from a local zoo, Popeye shows who the real hero is by recapturing it.
Wimpy, a night watchman in a herring factory, gets a cold and asks Popeye to take over. He hears strange noises and starts investigating. Popeye finds himself atop a high water tower. Popeye falls on an assembly belt and ends up packaged in a sardine can. With the aid of spinach, he revives himself in time to see Brutus loading herring on a hijack truck. A battle takes place ending in an exhausting draw. Olive arrives just in time with Popeye's midnight supper of spinach sandwich. Another battle takes place with Popeye the winner and ends with Popeye and Olive watching a patrol car speed away with Brutus.
Popeye gets a phone call from a lawyer who tells him that he and Brutus are the heirs to Barnacle Bilge's fortune. He also tells Popeye that the will is to be read at 12 noon and that if either of them is not present, he will lose his share of the fortune to the other one who is present. When Popeye relates the message to Brutus, Brutus plans to make sure that Popeye loses out and lays a series of booby traps (which backfire on himself. As a last resort, Brutus changes the address on the house where they are to meet and at the first stroke of 12, Brutus is the only heir present. However, Popeye has climbed up the face of the clock outside and uses one of the hands to shoot himself onto the roof. The lawyer reads, "I leave me entire fortune consisting of one can of spinach," at which point Brutus shoves the fortune in Popeye's face and Popeye socks him, knocking him out of the room. The lawyer continues reading the will which also gives the heir $10,000. Popeye gives his share and Brutus' share to the "poor li'l orphinks."
Popeye, Olive and Wimpy go to a dilapidated old mansion high on a cliff overlooking the sea for a vacation. The Sea Hag and Toar have taken over the place and are making counterfeit money. They try to discourage our friends from staying there but Olive insists. Olive eventually discovers the counterfeit money and the Sea Hag and Toar overcome Olive, Popeye and Wimpy and throw them in a cellar. Popeye requests a last meal and she tells him she can have anything except spinach. She has taken his can of spinach and set it on the time bomb. Popeye orders spaghetti, gulps down the spinach and saves Olive and Wimpy. He tosses the time bomb out to sea and it lands on the boat that the Sea Hag and Toar were on.


Popeye tells a bedtime story to Diesel about a hero named "the Mark of Zero." Popeye becomes involved with the story and has to fight off the villainous Brutus, the Ieader if the robber band, in order to save a village from being terrorized.
Popeye has a chicken ranch. Swee' Pea finds a square egg in the chicken house. Everyone is very excited. The Professor tells Popeye and Olive there is nothing more rare. Brutus hears them talking and takes the egg. They all chase Brutus and the egg breaks and hatches a very large bird. Brutus tries to talk him into show business and tells him his name will be in lights. The Professor tells him he owes himself to science. Swee' Pea tells him to make up his own mind. The bird says, "Mama" and Popeye says, "A boy's best friend is his mother."
Olive, Popeye and Wimpy are shopping at a Supermarket where Brutus is manager. When Popeye reaches the door, mechanical gadgets make noises and bounce Popeye about. Popeye piles carts to top with spinach with only one small bunch of carrots. Wimpy gets all hamburgers with the exception of one chicken. Olive is angry with them and Brutus puts each of them in shopping bags and hangs them on a conveyor belt. He then takes Olive to an exotic basement to show her foods from foreign lands. She tastes foods, sees kangaroo steaks jumping. Olive sees an adorable mouse and both she and the mouse attempt to run in opposite directions. Brutus attempts to get the mouse. Popeye frees himself and Wimpy and he battles Brutus. Fade out as Olive is feeding mouse kangaroo steak. The mouse has to catch steak before he can eat it.
Popeye, Olive and Swee' Pea are on a picnic outing. The day is beautiful. After a delicious lunch, Popeye decides to take a nap. While asleep, he dreams of rescuing a maiden in distress from a castle in the sky which is owned by the mighty Thor, God of Thunder.


Popeye and Brutus compete in a cross-country foot race to Los Angeles and back. The winner is to receive a date with the lovely Olive Oyl. However, during the race, Brutus resorts to cheating to try to win, but Popeye sees through his tricks and wins the race and the date with Olive.
Popeye is trying to sleep on a mountainside while Olive is heckling him, and the noise from a bowling game on a nearby mountainside is giving him nightmares. First, he is scouting the enemy in World War II. He awakens when a navy shell causes coconuts to fall on his head. Then he imagines himself as Daniel Boone tied to the railroad tracks by Indians. He awakens when the train falls on him in an attempt to escape. Popeye, trying to stop Brutus and Wimpy, the Dutchman, from bowling, finally finds his spinach, bowls the Dutchman down the mountainside, and returns to sleep.
Popeye will not let Sea Hag return to piracy. Sea Hag engages Wimpy to help her get rid of Popeye --Wimpy fails. Sea Hag conjures up a storm. Popeye evens the score with Sea Hag and keeps her from becoming a pirate.
Brutus, the magician, involves Popeye in his act. He makes him appear ridiculous to the audience. Popeye gets mad, fights Olive, stops the fight and gets involved in a magic act too. Jeep is part of Brutus' act. A magic wand turns characters into various animals until Popeye manages to get the wand. This leads to a big fight in a magic hat between Brutus and Popeye.


Popeye and Olive have a loud lover's quarrel and Popeye stomps out and joins the Foreign Legion. At the same time, the Sultan sees a photo of Olive and orders her recruited as his 75th bride. Popeye must fight the royal wrestler, a monstrous brute, to win Olive back.. After a desperate fight, Olive's gratitude is replaced by a misunderstanding that leads right into a repeat of the same loud quarrel.
Popeye is showing Swee' Pea the Family Album and "Family Mast." Flashback into pirate days when Popeye saved Captain Wimpy's ship from Pirate Brutus.
Popeye and Brutus get into a fight when they visit Olive at the same time, and Olive has to separate them. She sits on the sofa between them to keep them apart. But then her mother insists that Olive help her with the dishes. Olive extracts a promise from the boys that they keep on laughing while she helps her mother, so that she will know that they are not fighting. They keep laughing while she is in the kitchen, but unbeknownst to her, they sock each other and gradually get into fighting, laughing all the while. By the time she returns, the living room is in shambles.
Wimpy tries to mooch hamburger from Olive, Popeye, Geezil and Roughhouse, but they all turn him down. Only having a dime with him, he orders an oyster and discovers a pearl in it. There is a mad scramble, as everyone tries to buy the pearl from Wimpy, but he accepts Roughhouse's bid of all the hamburgers he can eat. Roughhouse rushes to Deezil's pawnshop to sell the pearl and flips over when Geezil tells him that he sold Wimpy a handful of the same pearls for ten cents that morning.


Muscleonia was ruled by whoever was the strongest man in the land. Each day, King Brutus would ask his magic mirror who is the strongest man and the mirror would say, "King Brutus." When the peasant Popeye, grows to manhood, the mirror says, "Popeye is the strongest." Brutus takes on the disguise of an old woman to do away with Popeye. He pulls various dirty tricks on which Popeye cannot retaliate, until his disguise falls off. With the aid of spinach, Popeye disposes of Brutus and takes his rightful place on the throne.
Poopdeck Pappy is entertaining Swee' Pea with tales about when he was the most fearless Western sheriff of them all. Popeye chides him for telling whoppers to a baby and Poopdeck says he'll prove that what he says is true. He gets into a series of scrapes from which Popeye rescues him until one time when Popeye is overcome and Poopdeck manages to come to his rescue by eating a can of spinach. Back home again, Poopdeck is telling stories to Swee' Pea again and Popeye is also an avid listener.
Popeye buys a dog named Roger from a man in the street and discovers that it knows how to talk. Popeye gives the dog to Olive, but when the dog snitches on Olive to Popeye that she is seeing another man (when in actual fact it is just her piano teacher), it leads to all kinds of misunderstandings.
Popeye is reading a newspaper that reads, "Rare Stone Discovered in Egypt, Reward Offered by Museum If It Can Be Brought Back to States." Popeye goes to Professor and his time machine send him to Egypt. Popeye gets a tired camel and Brutus comes along on a fast moving, conceited-type camel. Brutus' camel suddenly comes to a stop and the two camels start flirting with each other. Popeye and Brutus arrive at a pyramid and see a huge statue with a ruby red stone in one eye. Olive is an Egyptian princess and Alice The Goon is her slave girl. Alice becomes infatuated with Popeye and is going to help him secure the stone, if he will help the princess and her escape. Bnrtus bribes the guards and they lead him to the Princess who has the stone. Brutus captures Olive and the guards take Popeye. Brutus tries to escape without paying the guards. But the guards leave Popeye and go after Brutus. Alice brings spinach to Popeye. Then, the three escape and catch Brutus. The episode closes with Popeye riding Brutus like a camel.


Popeye and Olive enter a dance contest, but Sea Hag tries to spoil the fun by switching places with Olive and confusing Popeye as to who's who.
Wimpy falls heir to a large sum of money and lives it up in a grand style with an English butler. He decides to double his fortune by betting on Kid Nitro to beat Popeye in a prize fight. To insure his investment, he manages to referee the bout. In the ring, Wimpy and his butler pull dirty tricks on Popeye to make sure he does not win. When Popeye is finally knocked out, Wimpy doesn't have the heart to count his friend out in spite of his bet. Before the count of ten, he feeds Popeye his spinach and quickly disposes of Kid Nitro and Wimpy's newly found fortune.
Popeye takes Swee' Pea to Brutus' barber shop for his first hair cut. Swee' Pea howls, holding his hat over his head, refusing to have his hair cut. Popeye tells him the story of Sampson who also did not want his hair cut because he thought that he got his strength from his hair. But when his hair was finally cut off, it was really spinach that was the secret of his strength. In the story, Popeye is Sampson and Brutus is Delilah. Swee' Pea, finally convinced, takes his hat off to reveal a single curly hair on his head.
While out driving with Popeye, Olive spots a sale and drags him into the store with her. She keeps buying things that she does not need, just because they are on sale, and she runs Popeye ragged bringing them back to the exchange window. He finally blows his top, eats his spinach, and gets her out of the store. Back in the car again, he puts horse blinkers over her head to prevent her from spotting any other sale.


On Christmas Eve, Popeye recites "A Visit From St. Nicholas" to Swee' Pea to put him to sleep. He then waits at the fireplace with Olive and Wimpy for Santa to come. Meanwhile, the Sea Hag sends her vulture to capture Santa so that she can spoil everybody's Christmas. Santa is in his plane on his way when the vulture swoops down and captures him and his bag of toys. The plane crashes in Popeye's house and Popeye finds a feather of the vulture in the plane and realizes that Sea Hag is up to something. He goes to the Sea Hag's shack, and after a few escapades with her and her vulture he rescues Santa. Santa is now able to continue on his rounds again amid the cheers of Popeye, Swee' Pea, Olive and Wimpy.
Olive wants Popeye to enter a steeplechase so he purchases a horse sight unseen from Brutus. However, the horse turns out to be a dud. Popeye manages to revive the horse with some spinach and goes on to win the race.
Popeye is shanghaied to join a tough bloodthirsty crew whose destination is the Valley of the Goons for a cargo of Goonskins. The Goons are revealed to be peaceable creatures that do everything backwards. Knowing that Goons are crazy about carrots, the crew uses them as bait to capture a flock of them. Popeye eats his spinach and comes to the Goon's rescue. He knocks the crew back in their boat and blowing on the sails sends the boat over the horizon. Popeye then teaches the Goons to grow their own spinach so that they can always protect themselves.
Popeye appears in the days of William Tell and aids the Queen after the wheel of her carriage breaks. As a reward, the Queen kisses Popeye on the head. However, when the King and Popeye's girl (Maiden Olive Oyl) find out they both become jealous.


King Blozo is upset that the minster "Silky" (so called because of his silky smooth mode of speech) has all the subjects in his kingdom addled. Blozo calls upon his noble varlet, Popeye, to get rid of the beast. However, when he does, Silky sweet-talks the King into letting him be.
Popeye and Olive take Swee' Pea to the amusement park. Once there, Brutus tricks them into letting Swee' Pea go into the park alone so that he can kidnap Swee' Pea and put him to work in the Freak Show. When Popeye finds out, he sets out to save Swee' Pea.
Popeye hears a sailor tell a story about an old sailor that looks just like him and is marooned on a desert island. He sets sail to see if the old man is his long lost father, Poopdeck Pappy. When Popeye lands on the island, Poopdeck does not recognize him and sends his pet gorilla and octopus to get rid of Popeye. Popeye does away with both of them. Popeye cannot convince Poopdeck that he is his son. A sea monster attacks them and Poopdeck zips out, leaving Popeye to confront the monster. As Popeye is about to eat spinach, the can is thrown from his hand by the monster. The can rolls into the scene where Poopdeck is hiding and realizes that Popeye really is his son. He eats the spinach and knocks the monster back into the sea. There is a happy father and son reunion at the fade.
Roger, the talking dog, discovers a plot to rob a jewelry store while on an errand for Popeye. But because he has promised Popeye he will not talk to anyone except him and Olive, they have trouble convincing the police about the robbery.


Popeye is king who is noted for making his people happy by giving them everything. He is therefore very poor. Popeye receives the golden touch by wishing on a star and summoning a jeep, who warns him beforehand that it will not make him happy. Popeye wants to be rid of the golden touch. The jeep makes him stop the Sea Hag from chasing Jeeps first. He does it with the help of spinach and lives happily ever after.
Popeye and Brutus fight over who will ride in the front seat with Olive in her new car. In order to select who will have the honour, Olive talks the boys into entering a Mr. America contest.
The Sea Hag enlists Popeye's aid to capture Mopey Hick, a huge white whale. Popeye gets to like the whale and the Sea Hag has her vulture carry Popeye off. The vulture drops Popeye from a great height and he accidentally falls into the sleeping whale's mouth. Here he finds the Seaman's Orphanage Treasury that was lost at sea. The Sea Hag was really after this. With the help of his spinach, Popeye returns the money to the orphanage.
Olive takes up ballet and wants Popeye to be her partner in the show. Popeye refuses and a lovers' quarrel follows. To pacify Olive, Popeye dons a ballet costume. Brutus makes fun of Popeye. Popeye evens the score with Brutus, but Olive still insists that Popeye go on stage as a ballet dancer.


Popeye and Olive are tourists in India. The Sea Hag is there also to steal the large gem from the crown of a great Hindu idol. However, the Sea Hag knows that the theft of the gem will be followed by a curse of endless disasters. So she looks for a fall guy. Seeing Olive, she separates her away from Popeye and gets her under her power with the help of drugged perfume. Olive, under Hag's spell, climbs the idol, takes the gem, and puts it in her purse. The curse starts immediately. Lightning from the idol throws Olive to the ground, the fall shocks her back to her senses so that when the Sea Hag asks her for the gem, Olive doesn't know what she is talking about. Before the Hag can put another spell on Olive, Popeye comes in, the Sea Hag retreats, but waits for a chance to get the gem out of Olive's purse. From this point on, disasters one after another follow Olive. Popeye saves Olive from falling walls, etc. The last blow is the cracking open of the ground. Popeye saves Olive but is swallowed into the ground himself. The Sea Hag now has her chance. She grabs the gem from Olive's purse and prepares to leave India on the back of her vulture. Olive now knows what it is all about. She pours spinach into the ground where Popeye is buried. Popeye is saved. He recovers the gem from the Sea Hag. Olive eats some spinach too and punishes the Hag. They then return the gem to the idol for a happy ending.
Brutus hypnotizes Olive. Olive, in a trance, believes Hypnotist Brutus' words "You love Brutus." Popeye discovers the hoax and starts to break it up when Alice The Goon (in a trance believing she loves Popeye) enters, drags Popeye to the kitchen and ties him to a chair. Popeye asks for spinach and Alice feeds it to him. Popeye breaks out of the chair, grabs the hypnotist book, and reads and snaps Olive and Alice out of the trances. He hypnotizes Brutus to believe the Goon is his true love.
Popeye and Brutus are partners in the Golden Lasso Hotel. However, they cannot decide whether to specialize in food or entertainment. Finally they split the hotel in half. Popeye runs the restaurant and Brutus runs the nightclub. However, trouble begins when Olive Oyl enters on to the scene and has trouble deciding if she should have dinner or watch a show.
Once upon a time in the royal castle, there lived a beautiful Princess named Olive Drab. A shipment of gold meant for the castle is stolen by the Sea Hag. Olive's father sends her after Prince Popeye to retrieve the gold. Olive enlists the aid of the seven Swee' Peas. Together, they find Prince Popeye and he battles Sea Hag and gets back the gold.


The Sea Hag plots to capture a leprechaun in order to find out where their crock of gold is hidden. She finally succeeds in doping one of the "little people" with truth serum to discover the gold's location. For this, the leprechaun is turned out of the Society of Leprechauns. But he befriends Popeye, who helps him get the gold back and get reinstated in the Society.
Popeye is transported back in time to the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. He is challenged to joust by the Black Knight (Brutus in disguise). With the help of spinach, Popeye defeats the Black Knight and is about to be knighted by King Wimpy when he is brought back to the present.
Popeye and Swee' Pea are playing when they accidentally bump heads and it causes them to change voices. When Olive Oyl and Wimpy try to help them, they too change to each other's voices. When Brutus gets into the action, the plot becomes even more entangled.
Popeye and Brutus both have their own businesses. However, Popeye appears to be doing very well and Brutus becomes jealous. When Olive needs something fixed, Brutus tries to discredit Popeye's ability to fix things.


Popeye is reading a fairy tale to Swee' Pea about the bad dragon. Dragon steps out of the book telling them he is a kind dragon. He tries to be kind and helpful, but sneezes fire and the whole house is in flames. It ends with Popeye holding Swee' Pea in his lap in charred remains, reading fairytale book. The dragon leans from the book and shouts fire. In the fire department, flame comes out of the phone leaving the firemen in shorts with startled expressions.
Popeye builds himself a time machine and he and Olive travel back in time to the prehistoric era, where all kinds of madcap adventures take place.

Olive tells Popeye that he needs to be more intellectual, so he joins an adult education class. While there, he samples some "intellectual spinach" which gives him genius level intelligence. But when people try to take advantage of Popeye's knowledge, he decides to quit school.
The inhabitants of remote "Phoney Island" have fled in fear from the "voice from the deep," which in reality is the Sea Hag speaking from inside an extinct volcano. She hopes to thus take over the island and create a vacation resort for villains. Popeye, summoned by Chief Knucklebone, discovers the plot and with the aid of garden fresh "Phoney Island" spinach, forces the Hag to call back the chief's subjects


Private eyes Popeye and Olive, with their "bloodhound" Jeep are in search of diamond smugglers. They find Captain Brutus' pickle boat (Brutus and the Sea Hag smuggle diamonds in the warts in the pickles). A helicopter chase and a fight ensue. The culprits are captured.
Popeye's Detective Agency gets called upon to track down a gorilla that has just escaped from the City Zoo. Olive convinces Popeye that the only way to capture it is to dress up as a lady gorilla.
Popeye has a new scooter and asks Olive if she would like to go riding with him. However, when Brutus comes along in a shiny new sports car, Olive is far more impressed with him instead. But Brutus is too much of a dangerous driver for Olive's liking and she is soon calling for Popeye to rescue her.
Popeye decides to give Swee' Pea a history lesson and tell him about his grandfather Popeye De Leon who discovered Florida and tried to find the Fountain of Youth. However, Popeye De Leon finds that the Fountain of Youth is really spinach and that's what keeps him young.


Popeye teaches Swee' Pea about the ethics of being a good driver. He tells him about all the bad kinds of drivers on the road. Swee' Pea then vows never to drive his tricycle over 200 miles per hour.
Popeye gives Olive a French poodle named Zsa Zsa for her birthday. The dog is soon snatched by dogcatcher Brutus. Popeye dons a dog suit in order to be captured and taken to Zsa Zsa. In a wild chase, Popeye, still dressed as a dog, escapes with Zsa Zsa in the dogcatchers truck. The “taking dog” confuses both Brutus and a bewildered traffic cop.
A pre-scored musical cartoon -- Duel in music contest with Popeye and his popular music and Brutus, the Bach of the Backwoods (a la Spike Jones treatment). Olive is the mistress of ceremonies -- Wimpy has the hamburger concession. Brutus sabotages Popeye's music ... then fakes his own talent, is discovered, and is used by Popeye as a musical instrument to win the contest.
A wicked chief and his henchmen get Popeye into trouble with the law by manufacturing a mechanical man that looks like Popeye. The mechanical monster commits a bank robbery for which the real Popeye is jailed. The day is saved when Popeye spots his double and smashes it to pieces. Police witness the battle and reward Popeye $2,000 with which he buys Olive the mink coat she'd yearned for at the opening of the story.