To ensure that every episode of “The Pet Shop withMarc Morrone” is of the highest educational andentertainment quality, Marc relies on the camera-friendlyskills of his crack team of regular pets. Each member ofthis elite force uses its unique abilities in the ongoingquest to educate animal lovers about proper pet care. Apart, they are merely well behaved, fun-loving animals; together, they are unstoppable.

Breed: Scarlet Macaw
Length: 37 inches
Background: Born in Guatemala, Harry the Scarlet Macaw has been one of Marc’s oldest and dearest friends for over 20 years.
Weakness: A natural on camera, Harry has been known to get rambunctious when the action focuses on the other animals, particularly the other birds. Faced with this situation, Harry resorts to his special skill to draw the attention his way.
Special Skills: Harry is an accomplished master of “spec-jitsu,” or the art of stealing glasses. Keep a close watch on your eyeglasses when Harry’s around or risk having them stolen right off of your face. The only known defenses are contacts and laser surgery.

Breed: African Grey Parrot
Age: 4 years old
Background: Back in the early days of “The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone,” Darwin was among a group of African Greys who were just visiting for an episode. Darwin’s confidence and friendliness so impressed Marc that he inducted Darwin into the Pet Squad on the spot.
Special Skills: Having grown up on the set of “The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone,” Darwin can get along with any animal, including natural predators like cats and ferrets. Although Darwin was born missing three toes, he still roosts with the best of them.

Breed: Ferret
Age: 3 years old
Background: Another full-time resident of “The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone” set, Splash joined the cast when Marc brought him to the set and found him to be more interested in making friends than in terrorizing the other animals.
Special Skills: Mischievousness. Splash is adept at thievery, so be sure to keep a close tab on your things when he’s around. He’s also a master locksmith with a long history of breaking and entering, so unless you want to find Splash doing the back stroke in your fish tank, keep the cover locked up tight.

Breed: Flemish Giant Rabbit
Age: 13 lbs!
Background: Marc’s friend had to check to make sure that his house wasn’t built on a nuclear waste dump when he found the enormous Harvey camped out in the backyard. As soon as Marc saw him, he knew that Harvey would become an essential member of the Pet Squad.
Strengths: Although most rabbits tend to be skittish, Harvey keeps his composure among the craziness of “The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone.” Marc attributes this to either amazing fearlessness or incredible stupidity.

Breed: Agouti
Description: A relative of the guinea pig, Prunella the agouti is one of the more exoticregulars on “The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone.”
Weakness: Due to her bizarre appearance, Prunella stands out like a sore thumb in the crowded environs of the pet shop. Not recommended for undercover missions.
Special Skills: Curiosity and mobility. Prunella’s powerful back legs help her to hop in and out of any situation quickly.

Breed: Prairie Dogs
Background: Originally popular in Japan, prairie dogs have only recently become popular pets in the United States. While Marc has spent his entire life taking care of animals, he has only kept prairie dogs for a few years. Bubbles and Squeak instantly took to the other members of the Pet Squad and have become two of the more popular pets on the show.
Special Skills: Tunneling. Because their natural habitat is the Southwestern United States, Bubbles and Squeak are especially helpful in desert missions.
Notes: Generally extremely outgoing animals, be forewarned: Bubbles and Squeak are renegades who play by their own rules. If they don’t feel like being on camera, they’ll retreat to their cage and stay there until they’re good and ready to
come out.

Breed: Chinchillas
Special Skills: These high-energy animals are particularly good at bouncing from place to place and examining every level of the set.
Notes: The name Three Musketeers actually refers to four chinchillas; while there are four chinchillas on the set at all times, only three will ever show up on camera. When dealing with The Three Musketeers, one should keep in mind that the fourth is always watching and ready to pounce!

Breed: Guinea Pigs
Background: When Marc was growing up, there were two elderly brothers named Mel and Seymour Goldstein who would sit in the park near his house, silently taking in the world around them. Today, their memories are preserved in these two like-minded guinea pigs.
Special Skills: With their special powers of observation, Mel and Seymour Goldstein are a necessity in surveillance missions.

In addition to these regular cast members, Marc's Pet Squad operates with a continuously
rotating roster of puppies, kittens, hamsters, fish, lizards, snakes, and nearly every other kind of pet commercially available. Watch the Pet Squad engage in its ongoing mission of informing and entertaining each week on “The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone!”