COOL McCOOL (20 x 30')


Cool McCool Episode # 1
Big Blowout
If the Hat Fits
The Odd Boxes Caper
Rocket Racket
Big Brainwash
The Box Fox
Will The Real Coolmobile Please Stand Up
Sniffin, Snoozen, Sneezin
Caps & Robbers
Jack In The Boxer
Who Stole My 32 Secret Agents
Fun & Games
Sombrero Affair
Two Fats And A Fink
Hi Jacker Jack
Hot McHott
Oh Say Can You Seed
Birds Of A Feather
Owl's Well That Ends Well
Whistler's Mommy Case



Harry McCool Episode
Phantom of the Opera House
Horsehide and Go Seek
Vanishing Shoehorns
Pie In Your Eye
Gym Dandy
Big Top Cops
The New Car
Three Men On A Horse
Fowl Play
The Jet Set Yet
McCool Jazz
Dog Tired
High Jokers
Time Out
Monkey Dizziness
Green Dragon
Lots Of Baloony
Goat Chasers
In The Dough
Cool McCool Episode # 2
Fine Feathered Fiends
House That Jack Built
Garden of Evil
Queen's Ransom
Shrinking The Slinker
Bagging the Windbag
Owl On The Prowl
How Now Fowl Owl
Romantic Rattler
Love Is A Gas
500 Pound Canary
Mother Greta's Wrinkle Remover
Moon Goon
Rockaby for Rattler
The Wind Goddess
A Growing Problem
What Goes Up Must Come Down
The Box Popper
A Tree Is A Tree
College Of Crooks
NOTE: Each "Cool McCool" episode consist of three segments each running approximately 6 minutes in length.