BEETLE BAILEY (13 x 30' or 50 x 6')




Episode # 1
Everything's Ducky
Leap No More My Lady
"V" For Visitor
The Jinx

Episode # 2

Halftrack's Navy
Hoss Laff
Is This Drip Necessary?
Go Yeast Young Man

Episode # 3

Bye Bye Young Lovers
Breaking the Leash
60...Count Em ...60

Episode # 4

Sweet Sunday
The Spy
Lucky Beetle
The Sergeant's Master

Episode # 5

Grab Your Socks
Operation Butler
The Diet
Welsh Rabbit

Episode # 6

Son Of A Gun Of A Gun
For Officers Only
Sgt. Snorkle's Longest Day

Episode # 7

Cosmo's Naught
We Love You Sgt. Snorkle
Little Pooch Lost
The Blue Ribbon

Episode # 8

The Courage Encourager
Don't Give Up The Swamp
A Pass Is A Pass Is A Pass
The Play's The Thing

Episode # 9

The Secret Weapon
Camp Invisible
An Christmas Tale
The Bull Of The Ball

Episode # 10

Don't Fiddle With the Brass
The Red Carpet Treatment
Zerio's Dizzy Double Date
Dr. Jekyl and Beetle Bailey

Episode # 11

The Bridge On
The River Y
Tattoo Tootsie Goodbye
The Heir
Labor Shortage

Episode # 12

Hero's Reward
A Tree Is A Tree Is A Tree
Et Tu Otto

Episode # 13

Psychological Testing
Beetle's High Horps
Home Sweet Swampy