BARNEY GOOGLE & SNUFFY SMITH (13 x 30' or 50 x 6')




Episode # 1
The Master
Snuffy Runs the Gamut
Pie In the Sky
Barney's Blarney

Episode # 2

Barney Deals the Cars
The Country Club Smiths
Ain't It The Tooth
Jughaid The Magician

Episode # 3

Glove Thy Neighbor
The Work Pill
Getting Snuffy's Goat
Rip Van Snuffy

Episode # 4

Just Plain Kinfolk
Loweezy Makes A Match
Snuffy's Fair Lady
Give A Jail A Break

Episode # 5

Snuffy Hits the Road
A Hauntin' Fer A House
The Tourist Trap
It's Better to Give (Christmas Show)

Episode # 6

Jughaid's Jumpin' Frog
Keeping Up With the Joneses
Settin' and A-Frettin'
Beauty and the Beat

Episode # 7

Jughaid for President
Smoke Screams
My Kingdom For A Horse
Snuffy's Brush With Fame

Episode # 8

Fishin' Fools
The Berkeley Squares
0ff Their Rockers
Bizzy Nappers

Episode # 9

A Hoss Kin Dream
Turkey Shoot
Barney's Winter Carnival
There's No Feud Like An Old Feud

Episode # 10
Do Do That Judo
The Big Bear Hunt
FeudinÕ And A-Fussin'
The Shipwreckers

Episode # 11

Farm Of the Future
Little Red Jughaid
Snuffy Goes to College

Episode # 12

Spring Time and Sparkplug
Snuffy's Turf Luck
Snuffy's Song

Episode # 13

Take Me to Your Gen'rul
The Hat
The Method and Maw