Founded in 1981 as the domestic and international television production and distribution division of The Hearst Corporation, HEARST ENTERTAINMENT, INC. is a leading producer and distributor of made-for-television movies, first-run entertainment, reality and documentary programming, and animated series for the global marketplace.

A cornerstone of the company's first-run original programming is its highly recognized, syndicated lifestyle series: "Famous Homes & Hideaways," "B. Smith with Style," "Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls," and "The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone."

In its third season,
"Famous Homes & Hideaways" takes viewers inside the exclusive enclaves of Hollywood's most fascinating celebrities. Hosted by actress, journalist Donna Hanover, this fresh, hip and fast-paced 30-minute, weekly lifestyle series explores the remarkable homes of the privileged few and visits the playgrounds and getaways where the elite go to kick back and relax. From the outrageous to the exquisite, "Famous Homes & Hideaways" explores the styles, décor and surroundings that define the private lives of our favorite celebrities, including: Ivana Trump, Clint Eastwood, Grace Slick, Fabio, and Destiny's Child. Season three also featured 12 celebrity room makeovers by international home furnishing company Ethan Allen. Always a favorite for viewers, celebrities included Caroline Rhea, Tony Shalhoub, Illeana Douglas, and Elisha Cuthbert.

Offering a window into the world of lifestyle for the past six seasons,
"B. Smith With Style" shares the best in home cooking, contemporary fashion, imaginative design, home décor & holiday tabletops, good foods & fine wines, of living well and entertaining with style – all at an affordable price. Hosted by former high fashion model, restaurateur and author Barbara Smith, "B. Smith With Style" takes viewers from designer showrooms into B’s own home, from rural destinations to the kitchens and gardens of family, friends and celebrity guests. Celebrity guests appearing on the show include such stars as Billy Joel, Marisa Tomei, Susan Lucci, Maya Angelou, Wesley Snipes, Emeril Lagasse, B.B. King, Suzanne Somers, Lil' Kim, and Ed Koch.

Hosted by Ron Hazelton, "Good Morning America's" home improvement editor,
"Ron Hazelton’s HouseCalls" visits real people in their homes all over the country to solve real maintenance and remodeling problems. The acclaimed how-to home improvement series, currently in its fourth season, tackles realistic do-it-yourself home improvement projects that can be completed over a weekend, the perfect weekend viewing for homeowners. As he travels across the country in his amazing state-of-the-art motor home outfitted as a workshop-on-wheels, Ron Hazelton helps ordinary do-it-yourselfers perform the kinds of weekend projects every homeowner can relate to.

Guiding viewers through the fun and frenetic world of pets is the fun-filled, FCC-friendly weekly half-hour series,
"The Pet Shop With Marc Morrone." In his second season, host and pet expert Marc Morrone takes viewers into the most entertaining pet shop on television for an offbeat and unscripted look at the residents of the animal kingdom. Offering practical information, unique advice and helpful tips, this quirky and engaging series provides a lively and offbeat look at our favorite and most unusual household pets.

One of Hearst Entertainment's most popular series which still airs internationally is
"Popular Mechanics for Kids." An extension of Hearst's Popular Mechanics magazine, this entertaining, educational and award-winning half-hour series targets kids ages 8-12 and explores the limits of technology, science and imagination from a child's unique and curious point-of-view.

In addition to first-run television series, Hearst Entertainment is a recognized leading force in the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality telefilms. Today, Hearst Entertainment's movie and mini-series library comprises over 300 titles, encompassing titles produced by over 30 independent producers, as well as those made-for-television movies from its sister production company, Hearst Entertainment Productions.

Hearst Entertainment's latest venture is that of Hearst Entertainment Adventure Thrillers (H.E.A.T.). Compelling, mystery-themed, feature-length telefilms, the H.E.A.T.
features reflect the company's commitment to producing and distributing the best in action-thriller filmed entertainment, including first-rate actors and intriguing stories that provide strong appeal to broadcasters and viewers worldwide.

Recent H.E.A.T. features include:

Deadly Betrayal, starring the alluring Nicolette Sheridan ("Knots Landing") as Donna Randal, a young mother whose husband often travels for his job as a news cameraman. During one of his long-term overseas assignments, Donna is seduced by her daughter’s teacher and turns to him for companionship. But when her home is burglarized and she breaks off the affair, Donna discovers that her lover is actually a deranged killer who she must find a way to trap before he kills again.

Nightwaves starring the sultry Sherilyn Fenn ("Rude Awakening," Boxing Helena, "Twin Peaks") as Shelby Naylor who, while recuperating from a car accident that killed her husband, finds distraction in listening to broadcasts on his old police scanner. Soon discovering that the scanner also picks up conversations from neighborhood phones, her passive eavesdropping puts her in the middle of a deadly conspiracy. Could her late husband have been involved with these strangers?

Other titles in the H.E.A.T. slate include:
Wicked Minds starring actress, supermodel Angie Everhart (Last Action Hero); The Rendering starring Shannen Doherty ("Charmed," "Beverly Hills 90210"); and Blind Terror, starring Golden Globe award-winner Nastassja Kinski (Tess).

Hearst Entertainment Productions is a fast-growing producer of reality series and
specials, as well. These include "Modern Marvels" for the History Channel, and "Intimate Portraits" for Lifetime Television.

Recognized worldwide as a major resource for classic animation, Hearst Entertainment holds one of the most respected
animation libraries in the television industry. The library offers more than 600 half hours of animated television series and specials, featuring some of the most popular comic and cartoon characters of all time, including "Popeye," "Beetle Bailey," "Flash Gordon," "Phantom 2040," and "The Legend of Prince Valiant."

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April 2003